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  1. Jeez. That's giving me traumatic flashbacks of a schoolbook from the school's library.
  2. Lawsuit - Yikes... Would this be cool? Absolutely. The temple of grofit won't know what hit them. Edit: Also add hand signs when he's casting Redline since it takes forever.
  3. Uhm... Don't you think that's a bit too much for a hoverboard? It does sound like it there's absolutely no reason to get off of the board at that point.
  4. That would fit in very well. Yeah, I like your idea better. I hope he has that streak of vermilion. I just looked up what pedlek meant and I'm a little more inclined to avoid Hok now since I may have spent plat to rush building Boltor in my early days. Being poor and pedlek. Not my proudest moment. Yeah, that would be a pretty neat idea having it be like a market for players but I'm guessing DE is against players having an automated way on selling things.
  5. In regards to story, this shouldn't be an issue as these quests will not and should not be cannon since they are player made. The mechanics should stick to the mechanics currently in the game. New characters shouldn't be an issue either since the origin system is vast and should have many people in it and also, you may never see them again except for this one quest. New concepts (not game mechanics) that get introduced in the quest aren't canon so fans can go ham on this. It's definitely a valid concern about monitoring what's in the quest since DE is stretched thin. I can imagine moderators may be of help but that's still definitely a concern. Regarding about money, my rough idea of the requirements of a quest is definitely lacking. This would put on more strain on the moderators. I can however imagine where someone can make a custom quest free and only be accessed by friends or clanmates so it can be as crude or inappropriate as long as its between friends and everyone is alright for it. This would be a ballsy move for DE so my rough idea will definitely need to be fleshed out down to the atom if there's a slightest chance this might work out.
  6. Content for warframe has indeed been scarce but this might be an option to alleviate some of that. This may be a bad idea as I used to be a minecraft player but bear with me here. What if some sidequests can be made by the community? Tennogen side quests. They won't be automatically downloaded unless purchased by the player. Of course the tools required for this would have to be worked out on how it can work but it might just give players some fun to make their own quests. As for rewards, they can only be given out once and each quest reward has to be reviewed like the normal Tennogen stuff. Imagine the Mirage questline where there wasn't much in a way of cinematics or voice line. If the creators feel like voicelines need to be added, they can do so as long as its not of a known character in the game already. Just a rough idea but I think it's possible and not necessary for players to purchase these quests.
  7. So I just got Gauss today and coincidentally, I also got a Zenistar. It was perfect for void interception. I could run around while my spinning disk of death held down the fort for me. As for Gauss himself, I've never had a warframe that felt so natural for me to use. Some people complained about it being disorienting or too fast but he's very straight forward for me. I haven't taken him out for a spin in the open world areas just yet but I imagine he's going to shine there. Mach Rush is definitely an ability that I love spamming. Very useful for travelling, closing the gap, running to the nearest wall or ragdoll enemies in front of me. Kinetic plating definitely saved me a lot. Almost have it on all the time. Even with energy return, I do still run short on energy with my current setup. Thermal Sunder is kind of meh for me since it needs a good range to be feasible but even then, I hardly notice the result. It would be nice if this ability was an aura around you instead of being confined to an area where it was casted since new enemies coming into the cast area doesn't seem to be affected. CC with this frame would be more practical. Redline is tricky to utilize. I can get redline maxed reasonably quick with how much I spam Mach Rush and in fact, I spam mach rush to get it maxed all the while doing CC on enemies I happen to see. I haven't fully leveled up Gauss just yet but the fire rate increase is definitely very noticeable but the reload buff is kind of underwhelming. That maybe due to me not leveling him up all the way. On top of all that, I love it that all his abilities can be cast on the go which don't make his abilities feel like they take to long and open you up to attack even if Redline seem to take its sweet time to be activated. All in all, Gauss is a pretty solid frame. Gonna have a lot of time playing with him.
  8. So I assume everyone has been to Cetus and I know how irresistible it is to buy from the guy advertising powders and dyes. He's so good at his work, I want to eat a streak of Vermilion. I would suggest he would sell color palettes since it would make sense for his profession. I would definitely buy color palettes from him especially that vermilion he's been talking on and on about. Hope his business is doing well.
  9. Would really like that. 😞 gives some options for offence. I totally forgotten about that. Yus! I just hope you can also use it on a K-Drive
  10. I think it would be a nice quality of life tweak to have the blood orb not appear on top of the mirror but instead exist on the lower right of the UI like Gara's splinter storm, Baruuk's restraint, or Gauss's gauge. It would keeping track of the damage you stored up a little easier to see. Dread mirror as a tanking ability is a very hit or miss for me because of the drone camping overhead and shooting at me but invulnerability in one direction is a pretty solid deal and also absorbing damage is a pretty good bonus. It however takes forever to build up damage to be significant the higher the level of enemy cause enemy armor scaling. As a result, tanking damage with dread mirror become unnecessarily hazardous to build up this nuking ability. Also, the blood orb just sits there and does nothing in the meantime. So here's my suggestion for the tweak. When dread mirror is active, primary and secondary weapons' damage gets an added slash (edit: because slash has the most disadvantage against armor so I don't think people will complain that it's OP and it fits Garuda) damage of a fixed 1% of the stored damage blood orb. Crits and Garuda's passive won't affect this added damage value. This would make it so that the dread mirror nuke still does a crazy amounts of damage compared to using it to bump up damage of weapons. You can definitely lose the blood orb by falling off a cliff, running into nullifiers or dying. I would definitely like to see this implemented which would make Garuda pretty good at slaughtering any level of enemy. In Garuda's current design, it does feel like she uses the enemy's strength to fuel her own which this tweak would make perfect sense. The blood orb isn't just going to be something that's just there or does mediocre damage on the toss.
  11. This post is partially about K-drives also. This is just a random shower thought so it won't be so long. One issue about K-drives is how they're a worse version of mobility compared to archwing. You can't use your warframe abilities, can't use any weapons and since I never bothered getting into K-drives, I don't know if they have any offensive abilities or features that would make me want to use them over archwings. Archwings can get over uneven terrain easily and just as good at traversing even terrain so I have no idea why use K-drives. I'm thinking of what if DE adds a bat melee weapon to the game and be able to use it on K-Drives. I'd imagine taking the roads in fortuna would be much more enjoyable.
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