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  1. When can we expect a permanent / actual fix for all the (already reported) issues regarding Garuda's talons and her Successor skin in particular? 😔 Hey, one can dream, right?
  2. I kept reporting on this in the past and many other bugs regarding Garuda's successor skin, particularly her talons in Railjack missions. Honestly, I gave up on it. I don't think DE cares enough / has set their priorities straight. I understand that bugs need time to be fixed / ironed out. But it's been how long? It feels like over 1 year already? Maybe it actually is? I don't know, I've lost count... 😞
  3. I am fully aware that I might get some flak for this but: Am I the only one thinking that the Eros Wings Ephemera should have been only a temporary event item like mustaches and bunny ears? The main reason for those not being made permanent in the first place was - if I recall correctly - that they clash too much with the style, the design of Warframe in general, they are just too ... "out there" for something that moves in the realm of science-fiction (Warframe's science-fiction, that is). So ... why are gigantic angel/bird wings okay suddendly? And, instead of being all negative here, let me
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