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  1. No objections here. On the other hand, Gara deluxe does come with a "glassy" sword skin, so that would solve that problem.
  2. Just a small request/idea/piece of feedback (I guess): Gara Deluxe came with (significantly) improved glass textures. What about upgrading those same textures on normal Gara or at least on her signature weapons (Astilla, Fusilai and Volnus)? Or are we selling graphical upgrades now? Joking, of course. 😉I just figured, with all the graphical upgrades the game is receiving currently (and will get in the future, I suppose), it would be a good thing to consider improving Gara's glass textures, too. Can't be that hard, right? I hope? Thanks!
  3. WOW. Finally! They could have told us in advance ... but I take it. Thanks for letting us know. 👍
  4. An augment no less that affects the combo counter of her talons. Meanwhile Bloodrush and all the Gladiator mods are broken with her talons... 🤪 Yep. I give up. DE's decision-making is a riddle I can't (and probably never will) solve.
  5. Unbelievable that this hasn't been fixed or even addressed yet. DE, where are your priorities??? It's been months ... MONTHS. It's not a tiny, little visual bug! Okay, forget about all the visual bugs with Garuda's claws or custom energy colours not showing up properly. If that is too much to ask, okay, I accept it begrudgingly. Forget about it. But, please - PLEASE FIX MAJOR BUGS LIKE CRUCIAL MODS NOT WORKING PROPERLY. Jesus, PRIORITIES, DE! 😫
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