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  1. As for screen names...Ive seen the "N"word spelled so many different ways in gamer tags. Im betting it gets a pass because rap is popular. Just saying.
  2. If Rebecca was Shy that would send me to a state mental ward followed by years of therapy.
  3. No one wants to bring up personal data? ..or is that trend over? ;)
  4. Been Lich free since they dropped...feels good man :)
  5. Chat is filled with fan boys...ignore it. I quit watching Twitch for many reasons.
  6. That Sigil is great but I wouldnt spend 200p for it. Sucks that it is in a pack only but maybe some day it wont be.
  7. Took me a whole evening to get everything. Solo with Octavia. Khoras Systems was way more brutal.
  8. Solo with Octavia. Super simple. Time extensions drop like candy.
  9. Region 2.0 at best it seems. The bot is broken like most times.
  10. Cant say I will miss MR 5s having the Bramma. I think you should keep it as it is and MR lock it. I think MR 16 is the highest to unlock every item. I could be wrong on that though.
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