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  1. Could you please fix Saryns 3rd ability letting you take damage while blocking with melee? For some reason it reduces your DR while blocking
  2. This is more of an oversight than a bug but I figured this would be the best place to report this: Blocking with any melee weapon now gives you 100% DR from what I understand, however when you use Saryn's 3rd ability (Toxic Lash) you actually take damage when blocking. I did test if negative strength affected it and strength has no difference. I guess with Saryn's previous 3 ability (before melee phase 2) giving you basically 90% DR on any melee weapon blocking is what's happening and overriding the new blocking system.
  3. So I've played Valkyr several times since Arbitrations became more rewarding, but one that really annoys me is when an enemy gets "touched" by an Arbitration Drone, they become invincible to Valkyrs claws even AFTER the drone is dead. I know you can't hurt the drones with Exalted Weapons but this is not what I'm trying to do. How to recreate: Load up an Arbi. Let a drone touch an enemy. Kill the drone. Try to kill the enemy that was previously invincible(from the drone)with your claws. The enemies have to be around level 100 in order to survive the Arbi Drone blast however.
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