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  1. Thank you for the update. As dethcube has been buffed, can the team look at the vulcax sentinel weapon? it's incredibly weak, only dealing 35 health damage with a 1s charge and 6s reload between every shot. For comparison the vulklok sentinel weapon deals 85 electric damage a shot with only a 6.66s delay between each shot, and has higher crit. Vulcax should be doing closer to 100 damage in my opinion.
  2. I'm really excited for these changes. Arbitrations will feel like a worthwhile mode to play (outside of excavation). People are freaking out a lot because of the reduced endo and extra drops, but I think that it will be okay. As the endo is only being reduced by 25% but we are getting double the rotation speed, we're actually ending up with 50% more endo than before. This is a bit powerful, so the extra mod drops will probably just balance this out. We'll have to see the percentage drop chances for all the mods and arcanes first, before saying AA NO MORE ENDO I do think the amount of mods/arcanes is a little much, considering the use cases for some of them - sacrificing an arcane slot to heal my pet for melee kills when we have a mod that can do that way better than we could ever need? If this was on normal kills I could see a use for it maybe, but as it stands it would be redundant on release, unless it heals sentinels, then it might be okay if you really really want to bring helios on a long mission or something. The rest of the mods we'll have to see the values for before we can know whether they'll be worthwhile or not. There is a slight problem with arbitrations at the moment in that people are getting multiple seeded step drops which cannot be crafted or sold and it's effectively a waste of a rotation. Remember when ephemeras were discussed on devstream and they were going to be "earned" rewards? I think it would be better to move seeding step to the arbitrations store so that there aren't as many useless duplicates. I saw another post saying for some of these items to be added to disruption, I think this is possibly a good idea, however I personally think that if disruption had a node that dropped axi relics there would be reason enough to play it. Please ignore all the people that can't seem to count, these changes are definitely a positive and may only need a bit of thought put into the new items to try and prevent too many useless drops compared to endo.
  3. I've not actually played wukong but this makes me somewhat interested in him. I hope hat the "target an enemy with increased damage" feature of his clone can somehow be worked into other minion style skills or even companions. I love the novelty of mind controlling enemies with nyx but often they simply do not do anything useful, I feel like this might be to do with their AI not being good when there are so many enemies around (usually they're just shooting 1-4 tenno), giving them a target might help. A lot of people seem to be focusing on defy not being so good at making you invincible now - we don't know the values of the armour buff yet. The old defy+rage build might still work, youll just have to cast defy when your armour buff is about to run out, then use cloudwalker to heal occasionally. He sounds pretty sustainable in terms of tankiness, and his clone being able to use his weapons with increased damage while targeted, if affected by power strength, could give him potentially very high damage output. I like the sounds of these change, as long as feedback on shortcomings is considered.
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