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  1. I didn't get the BP or receiver Big sad for me then watched all the streams
  2. Any extra moment I can make my helios make another cute little beep is a blessing and I won't have you taking this away from me you demon.
  3. Neat neat neat. If zephyrs reworked subsumed ability becomes cool will it take the place of the current one I remember there being something about the subsumed zephyr helminth being changed to be better but that isn't necessary if you just make the original base ability stronger
  4. Here is what the map looked like after i "lost 100% control" over an area All that there is within 500 meters is 2 vomvalysts and 2 eidolon lures. enemies spawned for 1 minutes then i flew around at mach 10 in my archwing in blind panic cus 0 enemies where spawning yet my control countdown plummeted to 0% More than likely they spawned kilometers under the ground in a cave where my 3 radar mods cant reach them I have Enemy Radar, Vigilante Pursuit, and Primed animal instinct and yet I cant see any enemies on my minimap? This exact issue has existe
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