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  1. hi. title. on my 8th and final wave, I tried to find a safe spot on the tileset, (Lua) void dashing around. While I was at least 75m away from the data conduit portal, the game decided to launch me into the next zone, after doing the generic out-of-bounds screen fade. I was aiming at the ceiling boundary of the map in an open spot to hide. sad part is, on the next wave, there were no enemies spawning and efficiency was not dropping at all, leaving me stuck at the mission. After a long bit of looking at each other with my kavat, I tried doing the usual work arounds ("show profile", operator mode, operator mode fall damage, etc.) none of them worked. in despair, I had to leave the mission, sending my beloved Lato Vandal Blueprint back into the void. (along with some relics which I don't care as much) operator "boundaries" have always been sluggish in my experience, but this was a first for me.
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