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  1. Hey DE. Would you mind giving us the time and date in UTC format along with what you already do so everyone in the world can more easily and conveniently understand when it will happen ? I know there are tools to convert your ET date into any other, but I know my timezone compared to UTC by heart, and I think many does like me, whereas ET is as exotic to me as any chinese timezone. It would be awesome if we could have UTC date with your events.
  2. As you must know, there are two schools to farm kuva lichs: kill on sight and rush missions, or only kill when you know a requiem mod can work. There are many complaints about the system, like it takes too much time to grind the murmures or the lich should always appear when I want her to, or the the lack of multiplayer potential. Most complaints though are viewed along a single philosophy, that it should be fast to roll kuva weapons, and these people will often blitz through missions and murder any lich they see as soon as she appears and blame their comrades if they don't get rid of her soon enough. And all this is because they think their way is the only possible one. But it actually appears that there is an other way, but it goes a bit contrary to the way Lotus trained trained us for so long. First, murmures are not earned on a per mission basis, they come with thralls that appear *regularly* through a mission. So blitzing the mission is pointless. The longer you drag the mission, the more thralls you see, up to a point. You'll be lucky to get 4 thralls in a capture mission that last 2'30", but you'll lose time loading orbiter and mission and your lich will not have time to appear. On the other hand you can a dozen of thralls in a mission that last ten minutes, and you're guaranteed to see your lich if she was meant to come in this time. So this is the first thing: taking your time in a mission does not waste it. But more comes from the lich. It is actually very detrimental to try a requiem mod too fast against a lich. Because she will convert the grineers near her into thralls, which means more murmures. I know most everyone knows that, and you can indeed milk her of thralls before trying a requiem for the added murmures. But this will also reset her anger. It takes about 3 missions to make your lich angry enough for her to show up when she is at peace. On the other hand, when she's infuriated, she will show up each and every mission you do, provided you're not too fast to do it. A lich can easily convert 10 thralls while she stays alive and well. So, if you try a requiem, you'll get 10 murmures but you'll lose on 20 thralls after that. Thralls that go for your friends too, and not only for yourself. Hence, a lich is better alive and furious than undead and at peace. But indeed you'll need to try your requiem at some point. And you want to do this before you know all three or the murmures will be wasted. The best procedure here is to farm thralls in missions long enough to get as much of them as you can. And when your lich shows up, you want her to stay alive as long as she spawns thralls. So you want a mission with plenty of grineers, and you may even want to lead her to more grineers if you accidentally kill them all around you. This makes mobile defense, sabotage and disruption among the best mission types. Survival is good too, but thralls will stop spawning without a lich to convert them after the timer reach 0. Defense and interception are good but have a time limit. Now, if you don't have a requiem to try, you want to NOT kill the lich. So the next mission you milk her more, and *then*, you can try your requiem. If it doesn't work, bad luck. If it does, do NOT try the second if you don't know it. You want to minimize the downtime where the lich is at peace. If the first requiem is the correct one, very well. Next mission she'll come again and provide more thralls. And she'll provide them for everyone, and you'll discover the next requiem that much faster. If the requiem wasn't the correct one, you die and your lich is at peace, you're back to farming thralls to make her angry again. But if you proceed this way, on the worst possible scenario, you'll fail 3 times. This will happen once every three lich on average. And during these downtimes, you might have other people's lichs providing thralls and murmures. It's the other benefit of this method: partying with someone who's lich is on another planet is not such a bad thing, because it allows to mutualize the good mission types. Now I agree that the system could be improved to be more adapted when you play with friends. Thralls killed in a mission on a planet your lich doesn't controle should still make her angry. But this methods reduces a lot the randomness to kill the lich. You won't get the chance at killing her in a few missions, but this dramatically reduce the downtimes where she doesn't show up, which reduce the number of missions you need to do, albeit at the cost of making them longer, and above all it largely decrease the event where you have discovered all three requiem but you wait for her to show up. This methods is better for your fellow tenno too as you don't take the murmures for yourself but share them to the team, and would everyone do it, you wouldn't even be sad that your lich didn't came to see you. There are still some mechanic we don't understand and some things could certainly be polished by DE. But the game is also what we make it. And I think this method is more fun to play and better promote tenno cooperation, without being less effective than the other. A win-win.
  3. OK, I have new ideas to account for all this. First, I multiply baseline murmures by 10, so it's 300/500/700 murmures. Second, thralls give a random amount of murmures when killed like carbide for example. They would drop between 5 and 15 murmures, average to 8. If you consider that you need 63 thralls for the second requiem, it fits because 63x8=504. And it accounts for the random numbers we get. And it's plain numbers because I don't like dots. Thirdly, I feel like there is a maximum number of murmures you can get in any given mission. I'd say 150. Fourth, I think the lich anger is tied to the thralls you kill or the murmures you collect, and there are thresholds for her to attack in a mission. For example, I think there is a threshold at 200, so when you reach more than 200 murmures, or if it is when you killed 25 thralls, the lich attack, no matter what. And this threshold decrease with anger level. And when she reach enraged, the threshold is low enough that you can reach it in every mission. But like assassins you need to stay long enough for her to show anyway. I have little to backup my last two hypothesis, so please tell me if you have examples to disqualify them or better ideas.
  4. First, tenno are basically immortal, like orokin. They can only be killed by something with oro, like lich or orokin or sentients. That's the first reason imo orokin were so afraid of them: they are among the very limited number of creatures capable of killing them. Second, operators in game are extremely powerful. Arcanes and focus schools make them tremendously more powerful than what you start with. The passive you can unbound, first, already push your operator to the level of a fragile warframe. With a focus school and magus, you can definitely reach warframe powers. Magus lockdown obviously, but you also have virtuous to change your Amp damage type to viral for example that will hurt enemies far more than void. You only need to see how the stalker get murdered by your operator when he is not lvl80+, and I'm not even fully kitted in unbound passive, magus and virtuous. The Amp is enough for this.
  5. This post is spot on except for 2 things: first, multiplayer can be very beneficial if all players use the same good strategy. When you let a lich spawn thralls, then you make her leave, then another lich can spawn and make new thralls. The important part is only to let the lich spawn thralls, and then the more lich you see the better. The problem comes from players killing the lich too fast. And second, survival and disruption are good mission types because the lich can convert thralls very easily, and will still do after the first objective is completed; unlike exterminate that might be the worst mission possible because it ends too fast and the lich will spawn somewhere where there are no enemies. The difficulty to tell if killing the lich all the time or the least possible is the best strategy is that it depends on the probability of encountering your lich, which is *probably* ties to its anger. I'm gathering data but it will take a lot of time to get enough of it. Especially when some players argue that a lich lvl5 doesn't lose anger or that more thralls spawn in mission then. I still think these are beliefs though, most probably caused by the fact that the missions are longer and the lich harder to kill at lvl5.
  6. First, stop asking to trivialize what's fine. If *you* can't survive lvl100 grineers with any warframe, then stick with the one that are easy to play and leave the others to the good players. Second, for the one shot problem the solution is easy: add a mod that gives shield gating, or the ability to work like nullifiers' shield. I find it quite telling that Mag was mentioned to be unsuited to lich lvl5 when she can annihilate them better than most warframes in game.
  7. Prime are not easier to get. Take vauban prime currently : 2 rare parts in 2 lith relics. The difficulty to make this warframe is at least akin to Equinox. And that's not even counting the materials to craft the parts (hello cryotic). Prime are *sometimes* easier to get than regular versions *if they are not vaulted*. Well, this is still not true actually. Farming has been made easier with disruption to get axi relics, but you still need to farm these relics and then the parts in the relics. Ivara grind was not that tedious. It is when you don't like spy missions or when you want to be done with it in a day, something you don't expect with prime warframe. But if you counted all the time it took to get the relics and open them to get even the most easily accessible prime warframes, you would see the grind it already is. One thing diminish the impression of grind: the passive acquisition of the required things. You get some parts while opening relics, and you get relics while doing some stuff. But it can also happen for regular prime: spy missions reward very useful mods and a lot of affinity, so the farm went very well for me. Equinox farm gives affinity too and potential tellurium. Nidus gives relics and mutagen masses. Etc. It only takes you to see what you get with it during the farm to make it better. And it's always easier if you don't try to rush it.
  8. You know, if you don't like playing the game, why are you here? And the new weapons and ephemera are a neat incentive. You don't like them? Well, don't farm them. And why should you be given mr28 if you don't want to play for it? I've never seen anyone complain for a duplicate mod BTW. And you did farm for equinox which gave you plenty of duplicates for its parts. And why don't you trade a lich for the weapons you miss?
  9. I encountered my lich two missions in a row this weekend, and coincidentally, I was beginning the third requiem. I did only on mission in the third requiem before these. So after three missions, I was barely beyond the first line cross on the circle. Which means that in three missions and two lich tries, I got about 15% progress on the third requiem. Which means either a lich try does not award 10 murmures or the total number of murmures for the third requiem is far above 100. I think the first is most probable. Seeing what's said in the last days, it seems we know a lot less than we thought. And as far as we know, a thrall doesn't give one unit of murmure. Actually, it could be that there is a set number of murmure required to find each requiem but thrall give a random number of murmures like we loot a random number of rubedo or credits on enemies. But I think it will be easier if we reason in unit of thralls killed, at least we can relate it to something we can count. I also think DE changed the numbers in some updates. Of course there is the distribution going from 100%/100%/100% to 60%/60%/140% and then 60%/100%/140%, but I think the number of murmures for 100% also changed. The value of 60 we have now might as well be our new baseline. The screenshot idea is neat. I'll do that from now on. It will be easier to play first and process then. Another thing I'm trying to figure out is the odds of your lich attacking in a mission, but this is even more blurry than murmure count.
  10. The old blood is awesome for one reason because it adds something that was sorely missed: the ability to do regular missions (relatively easy with normal enemies) at high level (so we can actually use the stuff we earned over time). Having regular enemies means there's no pressure on the tools you need to do it, you only need it with mods and forma. Unlike eidolons or profit taker that require specific warframes and weapons, unlike arbitrations that have these drones, thralls can be farmed with anything and it's absolutely awesome! You can finaly learn and fine tune your equipment for high level stuff without having to spend an hour in an endless mission. And you're free to do this the way you want. And liches make for ones of the best boss yet. Of course you can cheese it with some warframes/weapons, but if you just casually play, it's an awesome boss fight once you learned how it works. As for the weapons and 5 forma, that's usually the number of forma you need to put on a weapon to use all the good mods. So the only drawback is if you don't want these weapons but still desperately want the mastery. But then it's not hard to get. If you're mr27 you should have plenty of spare forma already. But it seems many people play warframe as a job, like you have to complete everything the faster you can so you can do something else. That's not healthy. You have no deadline to do anything. It's OK if it takes you a year to do it. You can simply enjoy it while it last.
  11. I processed my numbers again and your values of 40/65/90 seems to fit better than 30/50/70. It's more consistent with a lich try awarding 10 murmures at least. For the 30/50/70 set, a lich would need to award 5 murmures for the data to be as consistent, but this becomes weird considering what's in the patch note.
  12. I feel like the values changed between some patches too. I'll calculate my numbers with these requiem values too to see if it's more consistent.
  13. You cannot tell whether the number of murmures required is X or the lich try murmure given is Y. Unless you measured X with only thralls and then counted again with a lich kill. But if any of them is random, you'll need way more than two counts to make any hypothesis.
  14. I am collecting data for murmure count too, but I find counting murmures in mission to be unreliable, so I rather collect the approximate percentages at the end of a mission, calculate what it should be with the expected number of murmures for the current requiem, and correct depending on what I feel I gathered in the mission. First thing is indeed that 30/30/70 is wrong, and it feels more like 30/50/70. Second thing is that failed lich kill attempts doesn't give 10 murmures. For your data I'd like to know how you count the murmures you gather.
  15. I think shattering impact was fixed with last update. It works fine now. I'm pretty sure it was bugged before though. Anyway, one problem is fixed.
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