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  1. It seems a little much for just a squad of 4 people. Even though you guys had a low level ship against like decent levels. It really seemed like there is too much that needs to be going on in the ship while you fight. Like there is fires, people having to build ammo and such, Having to gun, having to repair, and having to fight boarding enemies. And if one of ur team is off in another ship. And yes this was just a dev build. But I feel like this may be funner and easier if we had more than just 4 people, like a group of 6 or so that does this.
  2. ResidentOrb21


    So does anyone else get annoyed when you accidentally click a mission node and it instantly puts you into a mission? And you cant cancel it because it either wont register it or its already loading you in? Because I literally hate it. Is there anyone DE can make it so theres a clear way to cancel you joining a mission while it loads in. Like there is a cancel at the start. But if the mission loads to fast you dont have time to click it if you accidentally press the node. Very annoying having to load in and leave.
  3. I feel like they should just fix the way a spy works in sortie I know this sounds dumb. But I hate when people do a sortie spy and they activate the alarms and they just leave. And if no one is with that person then you fail the mission. I wish there was a way to help prevent that. I get you could just get friends or do it solo.
  4. yeah this lich is not as scary as I thought, I assumed it would have been a rare occasion for him to come to you, and a rare occasion he steals your loot. Like if he suppose to be a big like problem why does he spawn every mission. I thought it would take you like weeks to months to kill him. Which I know is a lot but you can kill them in like 2 days and get a new one. Making it not scary after you fight 10.
  5. the blood would despawn just the enemy does when u kill it after a while.
  6. I'm talking about in 1 attempt theres 336 ways to get it right he first try. without knowing anything.
  7. hold F to bring out your actual melee. And then i think you just do the normal way for it to work or its like x or something to do it
  8. If you know none of the mods then its like 336 ways to get it correct.
  9. Whats the big deal if they dont have blood?
  10. it will only leave I think if you fail to use your parazon order correctly, its thrown me and it didnt leave. But if i did the wrong parazon then it would despawn
  11. Multiple lichs can spawn. It only spawns though wehn it gets mad I think.
  12. His void blast I think. Theres a certain school you can pick and I think a arcane that does this. Not sure though
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