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  1. Done that farm already, and it didn't drop, even helped some people with it, and still no luck lol
  2. "Progression"? No, no, it's evolution.
  3. Other than showing it up, little duck does not require the operator to do anything, so after unlocking it you are pretty much ready to go. You need kuva for Nidus and Garuda only. The only warframe I can think of, that is truly locked to the operator (and playing it) is Revenant, that makes sense seeing how it's sentient themed (or at least supposed to be). Also, it's a matter of progression, I think it's intended to get new players to work their way into the main quests, before they start getting those, locking Vox solaris behind this, it's not something I fully agree on it, but at least gives a sense of goal I guess. Also more than this, the whole standing thing on fortuna is way more bothersome than anything operator-related imo, but that's a whole different animal.
  4. And again it ends up as a mostly subjective matter. Because keeping the story moving forward does not substract from the established lore at that point, we are, ofc, completely capable of liking or disliking it (as some of the posts can attest), but it's still moving the story forward. I get that the way the developed operators didn't go the way they wanted, even if it's clearly an attempt to give us a real character instead of a silent protagonist, (TLoZ has done that already, and even if that works there, I don't think it was the best approach here), also because people wanted answers, I see the operator as an inevitable answer to this, and I do think that the whole alignment aspect is a good idea overall to build and to make us relate to the character, but until they actually make it so it does matter and at least reflects on the way your operator acts (the lines he/she keeps spouting ingame would be a nice start) it's gonna stay as you and others see it, just a blank aspect of the game to level up and fashion up. That's on the Lore/Story standpoint, about the game mechanics, again, I don't see how it's a detriment for the whole experience, seeing how it's not truly affecting it (other than eidolons). In the end, I reiterate expectations and subjective points of view are a big part of this, some people like it, some people don't. Like the skill ceiling you talk about, some people could be all in, some people would consider it unnecessary, you consider the change made it worse, but I do believe a lot of people find the movement system really good (me included), we could try and argue all day, but this will not change. You cannot please everyone, but things still have to go forward, as you can see, I don't think the operator is well done (on a lore standpoint), I think it still has a lot of work to be done about it, I don't think it could ever be perfect, because you cannot cater it to everyone's preferences, especially when it's the very thing that's intended to represent you as a player, how could you account for the expectations of every single player out there? you don't, you try to appease to the majority (or at least try), I do think, though, that it's been a good foundation block on the road they're building and overall, I'm liking what they're doing with the story after establishing the operators. And just for an example, chimera worked (at least in my eyes) because of the mistery aura floating atm, but I believe this, and the sacrifice prologue are dangerous, because no matter what the new war brings, it's not gonna stand up to our expectatives, after all this time waiting.
  5. Yeah, I forgot it was pellet based lol I think that would mean I can wait until I can focus a little more on this one.
  6. Yeah, I just did quick research and found out duration actually helps the slashes, and after min-maxing other weapons, thought it would be fun to try these shenanigans, I'll look into the 100% status tho, I completely forgot this was a pellet based weapon. Ah, no worries, I know, but I'm farming the ephemera anyway and I'm kind of an ocd collector, so it works out for me, also, that lato is calling to me.
  7. I actually didn't even notice, went ahead without checking because someone was just insta-starting the mission without giving anyone a chance to check anything properly. But that would explain why the rescue target died on us, it's the first time I actually fail a rescue sortie like that.
  8. As mentioned, there are always people who hold onto their nostalgia googles, and that's a very common thing, we see the past as something amazing and so much better, but in the end is just nostalgia tricking us. Ofc I don't mean to say you're wrong, because this is just a subjective matter, and I really like how you lived the process, but in the end, especially on the operator side, there's no way the things introduced could live up to your expectations, 'cause as always, the build up, the suspense, the mistery is always greater than anything we could possibly get, and that's just how we as humans work. As Rodríguez wrote "the best kiss I've ever had, is the one I never tasted".
  9. So, I'm a secondary-holic, and rng is my dealer, I keep getting pistol riven mods for some reason, and even if it's not completely worth it I keep forma'ing my secondaries whenever I get a decent roll (looking at my baby akzani rn). So, I unveiled this twin kohmak riven last night, and seeing how I never got the blueprint (even when I farmed the hell out of Kela for Saryn Systems before) I just found laughable how the thing had massive stats on crit damage, status duration and damage, like it was trying to tempt me (-reload speed, but I can live with it). Later I checked and found out that I could work out a really good slash build, then found out the thing uses 3 forma to build it (and I'm really short on forma atm). So tldr: is the weapon worth all the hassle and time? I'm working on some stuff (like lato/braton vandal) atm, and I don't know if it's worth getting sidetracked by this, even if my compulsion for building secondaries is urging me to do it.
  10. I know this is unrelated and all, but I love your name so much. Just makes me wonder how glorious a 4th dimensional clem would be. *runs away*
  11. Ah, yeah, it has happened to me on defenses, I travel to other planets, lose my rewards, and better yet it shows the round rewards as "unavailable due to inactivity". Fun times, I tell you.
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