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  1. I've noticed a similar issue! It seems to occur on. Most of my Warframes, but only with unowned skins. Edit: Just realized I made it onto the wrong platform forums while searching for some issues oops
  2. Looking through an article linked earlier, and I found something interesting. I'm not on my computer, so formatting isn't as I would prefer. "A phrase we used on the Civilization development team to describe this phenomenon is that “water finds a crack” – meaning that any hole a player can possibly find in the game’s design will be inevitably abused over and over. The greatest danger is that once a player discovers such an exploit, she will never be able to play the game again without using it" This is exactly what's happening with Saryn. Players found the "exploit" and now would have no idea how to continue on if that were to be taken away. (An exaggeration of course, but the point still stands.) They abuse Nukes, namely for this thread, Saryn, for the sake of efficiency. God forbid they actually have to play the game, instead of just push a couple buttons and win. Or, better yet, have someone else push two buttons and win for them. I can't understand why anyone would want to play a game.... But not play it. "One of the dangers of players looking to optimize a game is that a single dominant strategy will emerge that drowns out all others." Pretty self-explanitory there. But here's the kicker- "Does the exploit drown out all other play styles, or is it a fun, alternative way to play?" Saryn drowns out the playstyles of everyone in her squad and effectively chokes out everyone else's gameplay. The game is a team game. Teams are not about one person. She should have to work with her team instead of over them.
  3. The problem is the absurdity of the power level. Nerfing and rebalancing are essential to the health of a game, especially those with players interacting with players. This happens across all genres, across games for all ages. Even Pokemon will nerf and tweak things. Rejecting any and all changes will make the game stagnate and die. Saryn has an absurd ammount of power, and its accessible laughibly easy. She has no limitation, no downsides to her power. Nothing to make her even remotely cooperative in a co-op focused game Even Equinox has to wait or work for a similar level of elimination. She at least has to rely in allies kilking things and killing things herself. Even Equinox has supportive play functions. Saryn effectively eliminates the gameplay for the team, and uses her teammates for nothing more than upping the spawnrates, and thus, her kills. She kills through walls, she has no restrictions on her killing abilities. There is no such thing as Line of Sight with her. She has a high range, high output and very low energy costs. She doesn't have to work to be able to blast away every non-Tenno living being. As someone else put it, this is fundamentally broken. Even Equinox has a constant passive drain on her energy from Maim. Even Equinox has to wait for the time she can detonate her Maim. Even most other powerful Frames are limited or hindered by something. The problem is that Saryn's abilities don't have anything to restrict her in any sense. Abilities like hers should have some sort of counterbalance to them, or, alternatively, her killing ability needs to be toned down. She needs limits. The other problem is yes, the enemies are weak. Most people can manage to scrape together a build on a decent weapon that'll get us a pretty good ways. They die easily and aren't very smart. But killing them shouldn't be as easy as pressing two buttons from the other side of the room, where you can't even see them. We need a solution that helps both problems.
  4. Because they're children maybe..? Interestingly!! I saw that someone once got ahold of some Warframe models and did some measuring! Most Warframes seem to be around the 6 foot mark. The shortest on the limited list may have been about 5'10" and Limbo was tallest. Here's a link to the Forum post. Someone also measured the Operator model next to a Frost Harka, and Operator came to about 5'2". Here's a link to that as well! We aren't half their height, just a little nore than a head or so shorter in some cases. We come up to their chests, at the least. Off topic, admittedly, but I thought it was interesting.
  5. The sentiment remains the same lol Just think it would be an interesting move on the Sentients' part to use Lotus/Natah to start a civil war among the Tenno. Maybe they know some of us will want to save her, maybe they know some of us will want to kill her. Two very opposing viewpoints, with a life at the stakes. Unravel the makeshift family of Tenno and have us take ourselves out.
  6. A civil war between the Tenno... That might be an interesting path for this to take. We're too strong for any faction we have access to to take on. We were used to fight the Sentient and we took down the Orokin. The only thing that can cut a diamond is a diamond.
  7. They were literally saying MR doesn't mean anything but that you've had a lot of stuff. This victim mentality you've adopted about this situation is also confusing. No one and nothing is under attack. People are debating on the balance issues caused by a frame and playstyle. Also: Being passive aggressive isn't a great way to make a point.
  8. I want to love attachments, and this would solve so many of the issues I have with them. They're clunky and awkward. They don't sit right. They're too big or small. Moving and resizing them would help solve so much of this.
  9. Tougher enemies overall is definitely one way to go. Something that co sistently survives hard core nukes would be a step in the right direction.
  10. This is all literally toxic and elitist. Seriously dude, just give it up. The only person you're making look bad is yourself. The plane argument has no place here, because MR only equates to how much stuff you have. Not experience. But again, go off I guess. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  11. Sure, it does that. But you were asking purely as a way to invalidate and weasel around anything else I might say. You're asking for it so you can tell me I'm not allowed to have an opinion on this in some form or another. Which is as toxic and elitist as it gets. But again, go off I suppose. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  12. Right, sorry. Forgot MR exists for elitists to feel justified for being rude.
  13. I also use my Titania, a lot. I enjoy her skins and abilities and she's my favorite for Ayatan hunts. She's a great frame and she's a lot of fun. That aside, let me offer you a perspective. Nukes are honestly pretty selfish. Forcing other players to have nothing to do is incredibly selfish. Taking every kill in a mission is extremely selfish. Having your teammates exist purely to spawn you more enemies is selfish. I really don't get what your point here is. Surely you can believe that someone enjoys the farming? It lets me kill time. And, Mastery Rank doesn't really matter that much. All it is is a content lock. After that, it doesn't mean anything. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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