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  1. I like playing with my Octavia's songs! Playing with Warframe customization is cool! I love putting together new lools for my personal favorite Frames. I like trying all the Frames and weapons I can. It's fun and I found out that some Frames are more fun than I thought. (Mesa, I'm sorry I hated you.)
  2. Good rule I learned is that if it takes more than one or two good breaths to say, you should probably find a place for a few periods.
  3. A lot of my problems are with Saryn in specific. She's pretty tanky, and the biggest problem nuker to boot. I find her ridiculous and annoying to play with at the very best. (And very boring to play myself.) Most I have played with have been in one spot, and deal all their damage from there. They don't move around a lot, just enough to cast a couple Spores and make sure they aren't booted. As it stands now, there's no solution that will really work. People are straight-up opposed to cooldowns, line-of-sight, and reworking things to fit better in a cooperative role. And just leaving them is bad for the game, especially in the long run. Eliminating gameplay for those around you is not okay. I really don't understand why that is such a topic of debate. No one likes to be dragged along and used to make more enemies spawn, as a lot of nukes tend to do. We all know spawn rates suck solo, and it might be cool to elimate 50+ enemies at once, but it's not cooperation or teamwork in a game with emphasis on teamwork and cooperation. People also tend to say that Nuke frames would he useless when reworked to remain good, but encourage team play. Things can still be useful without killing everything for everyone. That said, if you're nothing without it, then you shouldn't have it. At this point, I'm not sure what really can be done, honestly.
  4. I've noticed a similar issue! It seems to occur on. Most of my Warframes, but only with unowned skins. Edit: Just realized I made it onto the wrong platform forums while searching for some issues oops
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