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  1. about corrosive projection, it was useless when single and overpowered when multiplied, now it is normal when multiplied (4+) and absolutely useless when single you should better change how it stacks (25% of each aura is added, for example) and up a single aura strengths
  2. Does it affect the mirage's eclipse ability?
  3. Zuscka

    Warframe Builder

    Yes, it works correct now. Thank you very much, I really love this site)
  4. Zuscka

    Warframe Builder

    I can't edit my builds. It doesn't save changes. But it does save new builds. Is it a common situation, or I do something wrong?
  5. No, it is not. Just one click to order your shadow clone to attack enemies. If you want to control which enemies will be attacked - use the augment. One enemy can be attacked once, if augmented - many times. It allows ash to be useful in party against a lot of low level enemies and against one (or several) tough, like bosses etc.
  6. A shadow clone attacks targeted enemy, then jumps to other closest. Number of jumps depends on ability duration, damage - on ability strength, distance of jumps - on ability range. Augment (hold): allows to mark enemies for attacks. If marked only one all the attacks will be performed on him.
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