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  1. Magus Lockdown isnt Shadow Rank to acquire which requires Profit taker tho so just farm exploiter orb for standing.
  2. warframes are meant to be nimble and fast cuz we're ninjas or whatever and having a 1 power that increases speed doesn't classify them as a speedster except volt but volt isnt themed around speed, its electricity and channeling that electricity into himself and power/ defensive capabilities. The runnerframe might most likely be based around using kinetic energy in and around him.
  3. The lotus already gave you a purpose: command the warframes, make whole this shattered world you have been given, are you ready tenno?
  4. 1st off eidolons are like ghost like zombies mere fragments of sentients. 2nd Ropalolyst is just a sentient being not an eidolon. 3rd its just a star chart boss so you can obtain wisp.
  5. (NSW)Katsuro

    Primed Rush

    Since we are getting a new runnerframe it is only appropriate that there be a Primed rush since it has way more demand unlike primed Pack .Leader. 55% sprint speed and 16 mod cost would be great.
  6. Alad V hints what to do.. let it shoot the towers and ram it into them. then attack him and activate the console and repeat that 2 more times and takes around 10mins for the entire fight
  7. 10 times easier than eidolons but I guess tenno have a huge learning curve which is just go into operator mode and shoot is even such a hard concept.
  8. new relic farm and new stuff sounds good to me
  9. so why does the boss drop the Bp then? its in the official droptable
  10. Amalgam Daiku Target Acquired - +75% to Headshot Multiplier. +3% Life Steal on Nikanas. 60% chance to pick up used arrows. Time to break out my Nikana Prime Amalgam Furax Body Count - +15s Combo Durations. +20% Blast Radius on Specialized Launchers. Melee kills knockdown enemies within 15m. free combo duration and knockdown is kinda cool Amalgam Javlok Magazine Warp - +45% Magazine Capacity. Parrying with a Shield reflects +6000% Damage. +90% Channeling Efficiency while Parrying. Silva and Aegis Prime got even stronger These mods are great for players who use melee only but can carry these weapons as a stat stick for their weapons.
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