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  1. I didn't see any announcement or anything for the winner
  2. can a crewship summon a black hole? can it instantly repair itself from damage and fires in a instant with a press of a button? can it 360 degree maneuver at high speed? does it have a archwing slingshot? can it void jump like the railjack? is it cephalon compatible? also btw the houses and wreckage cannot be applied to crewships due to there design from orokin tech not grineer disposable scrap
  3. thats why railjack is only available in clans only duh!! just ask clanmates.
  4. the levels of salt and toxic elitism is at a all time high damn
  5. Hoes mad, hoes mad, hoes mad. Thx baro for the best valentines day ever!! 😍
  6. I hope we can rebind the ability menu from R while in railjack to something else since my right bumper is bad to use.
  7. use motion controls and void hole battle avionic to CC and destroy with vortex munitions,
  8. And graphical bugs still exist in the game nice gotta wait on a future update so meantime just need void hole, predator and a better section density
  9. Also why do I keep re entering gunner or pilot sit when I try to exit its kinda annoying sometimes also pilot could use motion controls but everything else is fine but I dont think the avionics and wreckage in space is marked while in pilot or sometimes not gunner but only in archwing
  10. we have to wait until the next hotfix
  11. someone tested it and got electric without hitting a osprey
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