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  1. solve veteran problems and also provide replayabilty with scaling rewards like higher drop chances for rare mods, endo, credits and whatever new resource that will be added in the new war probably similar to kuva
  2. DE is probably keeping difficulty in the sentient tileset
  3. then why keep playing a bad game if you like nothing at tennocon 2019? nothing is gonna change ya mind in the future if you dont even like that in warframe
  4. everyone is blind every end of nightwave when they stated multiple times that nightwave ends 13th but oh well
  5. Destiny who? we all know anthem is warframe's best competitor thats why we have hildryn
  6. not whiny and I'm still waiting on arbritration update from 3 weeks ago for console
  7. how long more until we get this update and also buff gauss??
  8. if you follow the trend from 2018 tennocon to now then duviri paradox will follow the railjack trend of 18 months I guess
  9. I have faith cuz I'm still kinda new being mr27 with less than a year in warframe but no one truly knows the future plus I'm even more excited for Duviri Paradox which looks more like veteran side of thing cuz the second dream isnt accessible to new players right away
  10. I just hope they update railjack every month like they said at in Japan when they showcased atlas prime then everyone will calm down
  11. becuz its not a sustainable way to develop a game in the long run and yeah everyone can play other games but that doesn't solve the problem though once you come back to the next content drop
  12. you would be surprised to know and also not everyone is a veteran player
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