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  1. thats wrong u can access intrinsics in your profile and upgrade to rank 5 gunner and use another person rj to complete challenges
  2. u can max all focus in 2 months it just eidolons
  3. finally I will complete my collection of all primes! trinity prime come to papa!! 😊
  4. then play another game in the meanwhile while content gets released
  5. need another hotfix u guys missed where you cant exit the railjack after a mission returning to the dojo but only by fast travel or leaving dojo.
  6. u dont need zephyr to jump *sigh*
  7. yes if u read the description you would see that
  8. Hard mode and ultra hard mode should be locked with no taxi so we dont get mr1 players dying in lv100+ missions, hard mode should have high eximus spawns for rarer enemies in the game like manics, noxes etc while utra hard mode will have more aggressive AI with vaulted relics as rewards.
  9. you mean just cosmetics and some forma blueprints, riven slivers and some extra xp 🤣
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