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  1. People are arguing with each other over the DElay of Plague star and DE shows a Wukong rework with Plague Star active. 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
  2. Took nine pages just to find this comment. And now everyone's fighting because someone from the other side of the court messed it up. And again, don't give a definite date when you can't deliver. It's embarrassing.
  3. What's more frustrating is that this will the 4th time this event would run on PC, PS and XBox. With that so many reruns, one would have expect that this should already be a flawless patch. If anything, the bugs should have been experienced by the Switch port as this will be the first time it will be ran on the measly platform. i hope there will be no specific dates that will be mentioned for the release of New War and Empyrean. Otherwise, it will be the same cycle all over again. Learn from this mistake already, DE, please.
  4. Actually, it would be best not to mention any specific dates from now on. It's really frustrating when you tell us a specific date and eventually DE's end would fail to deliver. Just drop the events like you do for your hot fixes, no announcements aside from the surprise Red Text in-game. That way, people's hopes are not being brought up then would crash down at the last minute and unnecessary hate threads like this are avoided.
  5. And I hope the Switch has enough power to run the open-world portion of the game without severe FPS drops.
  6. Isn't it obvious yet? Of course we don't care about what's happening in the consoles because whatever bugs that you experience in console version are bugs that we have been giving feedback for a fix weeks before the version was released to you folks and DE had failed to catch during their console release. I will not be surprised if you don't experience majority of the headaches we had during the RopaLol fight - that's an example of us debugging the game for DE and console people.
  7. Don't get your hopes up, knowing how buggy is the open world in the Switch version of the game.
  8. Because for the first time, nothing was wrong with the PC version. And they don't want to let the XBox babies feel the disappointments of DE's public beta testers feel when the events being released on PC has more bugs than a mange-ridden Kubrodon.
  9. Holding an event up for the PC players is unfair. DE should have checked if the event will properly work on consoles weeks back so that issues like this would have been prevented. I don't care about the console players, they should be used to being late in receiving updates and events by now due to the procedures needed to get updates on their game versions AND DE should have anticipated the possible re-application of certs prior to "ANNOUNCING" a release date for this event. There is no existing crossplay in the game. Why hold it up against us PC players?
  10. WTB Huras doggo/Bulky/Lotus Pattern Take note that we will follow the Kubrow pricing as seen on the attached image: Kindly send the photos of your Huras Doggo on my Discord: zirkwander#9633
  11. Chat mummified as well somewhere here in the Middle East.
  12. I'm interested on the two Huras. When are you online? I've been trying to PM you the whole day. Do you have Discord?
  13. Post titles say, "-mag cap" whereas the Riven actually says, "-max ammo". TBH, OP was also partially had an error as well, his post title says, "WTS Fulmin Riven +DMG+MS+ELEC -MAG CAP"
  14. My bad! damn! I was thinking about Mag Capacity. Yeah, redacted! This is a fine roll. Cheers!
  15. That is one of the most painful negatives for the Fulmin, literally leaving you with 35.7 ammo. or approx 3 shots under the Semi mode.
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