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  1. Well, to be fair, it wouldn’t be DE if they don’t break anything every after update.
  2. Well, to be fair, it wouldn’t be DE if they don’t break anything every after update.
  3. I still hope there is at least a dedicated slot for Augments that functions much like the Exilus slots. I don’t care if it’s locked behind an Augment Adapter at least we will not lose any precious mod slots for our builds. This would also promote the usage of these updated mods.
  4. What I want for Augment Mods is to have their dedicated mod slot similar to what the Exilus mods has. That way, people would actually bother in using them with their Umbra mods rather than taking the slot of one or any other important mods like Adaptation/Corrupted Mods, etc.
  5. Just noticed in the Profit Taker fight that the “shield duds” are not being shown as having the red markers on the map, although they seem to have the red markers if you look at them at the tileset itself. Not sure if this was intentional or a bug. @[DE]Megan
  6. Pricing for the Prime Vault is not being adjusted based on regional prices like the prices for Platinum. Or was it intended?
  7. Is it just me or there's an invisible/missing mission from this week's NW missions, particularly the Jailer mission (Complete 3 Capture missions). I managed to complete it today, however, I did not got any points (worth 4500) as well as it's not showing on the main page of my Nightwave missions. @[DE]Megan
  8. you only get to earn the points you missed from the current series of NW.
  9. Is it just me or the Clone of the Prime version is way dumber than the Clone of the regular Wukong. The Prime Clone usually gets stuck and does not attack as often as my regular Clone. @[DE]Megan
  10. Why can’t Wukong’s passive refresh as well after a revive? I mean, my Sentinel comes back to life after I revive with all its mod effects refreshed (Primed Regen, etc). Why can’t Wukong have the same? It feels wonky that my passive ceases to exist after my random 3 generated were utilized. Also, it should refresh every after Bounty completion/failure without getting back inside Cetus/Vallis.
  11. are they supposed to work with the Twin?? 😍
  12. Can we improve the taunt capability of Defy? Also, can we toggle the movement speed while in Cloud mode? Thank you for the hot fixes.
  13. People are arguing with each other over the DElay of Plague star and DE shows a Wukong rework with Plague Star active. 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
  14. Took nine pages just to find this comment. And now everyone's fighting because someone from the other side of the court messed it up. And again, don't give a definite date when you can't deliver. It's embarrassing.
  15. What's more frustrating is that this will the 4th time this event would run on PC, PS and XBox. With that so many reruns, one would have expect that this should already be a flawless patch. If anything, the bugs should have been experienced by the Switch port as this will be the first time it will be ran on the measly platform. i hope there will be no specific dates that will be mentioned for the release of New War and Empyrean. Otherwise, it will be the same cycle all over again. Learn from this mistake already, DE, please.
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