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  1. Yeah i must just be seriously unlucky after abit of time ive still only got 12 more, lol when I finally got enough for my second attempt I didn't realise one of the clues had changed on me either, still having serious issues with them spawning though this is ridiculous, can we not have a special mission or two for them? Preferably something we don't have to buy with plat or a rare resource.
  2. So it took me all week and 20+ hours to get 12 resonance the enemies barely seen spawn for me only to do the mission and have it removed because I fell off a platform, Come on DE that is seriously just mean and not fun at all. Every other time in the game we miss a platform we just respawn where we left of but this time you reset our progress, end the mission and take our resources? Not fun at all!
  3. So if we like putting the hours in we hould be punished? Explain why we can't have both.
  4. I never kept tracked of them and just took what popped up as I was playing, missed out on plenty potatos but thats just life, what I did get however was plenty nitain and all the other bits and bobs which I am now out of, yes Ive already spent that 15 and now have to wait till this new system refreshes instead of just playing the game for a bit and waiting for an alert while I do whatever it is I Fancy, this new system is a massive chore compared to the Alerts and halts progression, I dont like my progression being halted and it removes those good feelings and chemicals the brain releases on g
  5. Was that sarcasm that i was just not getting? lol its a lot worse you could get all that in 24hours, you can get the nightwave rewards in a week.
  6. Just look at the math I posted above this is not faster in anyway shape or form, specially since the credits get spread out further apart as you progress and it also limits the amount of items you can actually get, Once again though Im not saying remove nightwave im saying keep both, you might not like the alerts but plenty did and their is no reason for them to get removed.
  7. If they had made it to be fun it would of been 25creds, or even the 50 on each rank but I really do think this update was more a disguise and they wanted to slow down peoples progression, sad really since less than 1% of players have got to the Profit Taker missions.
  8. Some on the other thread id a little math, here it is I went back and did some more math. I made a list of all the alerts from a single day (Feb 21st) then added up mostly all the rewards. Check it out here if yer curious:https://pastebin.com/raw/BrAVctzP After 1 day, if you did every single alert, you could get the following. (I was going to do 1 week for alerts as well but there was just too much stuff) 1,079,700 Credits 17 Blueprints 6 Mods 2,200 Endo 4 Nitain 60 Void Traces MISC Resources After 1 week in the new system, if you do all the weekly challenges, incl
  9. Im getting less, in the 3 days gone I have just managed to get to rank 3 that gets me a stack of 15 nitain since I can't be wasting my credits on that trophy yet. I could of probably had 4 each day on alerts not to mention the mods that pop up and other resources I might need all for a considerably smaller time investment and while doing the missions and tasks I enjoy in the game inbetween the alert pop ups which also helped to break up the gind. I might end up with the same in the end but completing the Nightwabe tasks takes away all the time I have todo the things I actually want todo i
  10. Yup but the men in suites taking over two thirds of the profits and leaving the last bit to pay for the studio and all the staff who make the game shouldn't be influencing the games design which they do because they want more money. Got no problem with the Dev's making money from their hardwork I just fear games these days, specially these free to play are no longer designed first and foremost the be fun but instead use psychological tactics they learned for their Psych101 - How to manipulate to make games that will get us to spend spend spend so that we can have the fun. I do hope I am wrong
  11. Yeah thats fine the first time round, the next 10+ plus though is just idiotic and saps the fun out of the game same as needing the Alad V Coordinates should just require them once then you can always go back...
  12. What? Lol to think they claimed it was to make it easier to get things its not is it, its going to be to push us into buying on the market and make the grind worse 😞 How on earth does my money go out of season will it atleast come back into season? Wish they would drop it all and let us buy everything with credits from all the vendors and just keep standing to unlock the items. Be much more fun, sadly though seems we don't design games to be fun anymore unless our wallets are getting raped. Anyhow they should be fixing the profit taker issues before anything, been stuck with constant bugs
  13. Great how many different currencies does a game need. I hear we are getting a new one soon as well. FFS. So not only do I have to grind the boss fight this time I also have to grind the Arena which I can't stand.
  14. Did I encounter a bug or does this match really take the judgement points off you? I don't get it I started with 38, got two parts and now i'm down to 14 points and cant restart the match! The arena has got the be the worst game mode ive come across yet please don't say I've got to go back out their 😞
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