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  1. I also got nothing and watched both of them hoping support can fix it, I like noggles. Do wish they'd just hand out ducats instead though, was gutted the other week when all I got for watching the entire thing was a eidolon shard.
  2. Might have a look but think I may be burnt out with Ninja games, was thinking some Forza or maybe sailing the Sea's for a we while, or who knows GTA might bring a decent update next week and I can go back to that. Can't believe so many are happy with Nightwave mind, sure they haven't realised how much extra work they now have todo or are blinded by those endgame rewards.
  3. At the end of the day it was 2 1 hours challenges, yes if you were lucky you could of had it done in one... And that's not my issue with Nightwave, I don't mind some tough challenges what I don't like however is DE increasing the grind, and in that one hour I could of easily done 6 alerts getting 6 rewards, not just half a Nightwave rank. Glad your enjoying it though but for me its taken a lot of the things I enjoyed away from the game making it feel more like a job than fun. I hate that if Im not fast enough or fancy a break I will loose all my progress as well, that will ultimately push me away from the game and has already stopped my friends returning as they see no point in joining half way through. Nightwave might be some silly plan to get more consistent players logging in each day but I bet it ends in the game loosing money and players in the long run, I know Im already not giving them another penny until we get alerts back or some serious changes are made. Alerts made me want to play more, Id go do a few bounties or void missions and check the alerts after each one, guess it was a little something to look forward to after each mission wondering if something I needed was on the list, now I am struggling to find the motivation.
  4. If you had a friend or could do the Kuva mission...
  5. erm it was 2 hours just for 2 challenges the other week, not taking into account bugs and disconnects making it an absolute nightmare for alot of people, compare that with 5min per NE/Mod/Cosmetic that popped up, yeah much bigger grind and a lot more time spent waiting. 6 ranks inbetween cred lol. Doubt it will make a difference but I'm holding em ransom until they Bring back Alerts and make nightwave progression on a player basis so we can take as long as we want to finish it, and then move onto the next. Until we see some decency and stuff added because its fun not because it tempts people into spending they aren't getting another penny out of me. Shame because paydays just gone and I would of bought another pack, had my eyes on the MasterThief but nope, no more not until they bring back parts of the game I enjoyed or make some drastic changes.
  6. I didnt have a tracker and I was enjoying the alerts, really did break up the grind after long survival bouts. Also got alot more than 1NE a day not to mention all the auras. Now its put behind a crazy grind compared to what it once was. The random part made it all the more worthwhile when something I didn't have finally popped up as well always keeping my attention. Not everyone is going to be able to complete Nightwave so the same problem still exists with the new system as well. If we had both I honestly think this update would of been great.
  7. I never complained about nightwave rewards, and I dont want that removing, I just want to see the Alerts return, done debating anyways think everyone is already got there feet firmly planted on whatever side they are on I just can't see any reason why we can't have the best of both worlds and let us all enjoy the game how we like.
  8. You want the alerts out but why? seriously what is the issue of having both? Edit May have some of the same rewards but its take 20times longer to get them now and we get less.
  9. Thats hardly bad design btw it told me what I was getting and what I needed todo, and with that type of conclusion how can you say Nightwave's better its just random tasks, with less direction, less rewards and more work, only extra thing is the annoying woman who won't shut up and keeps telling me how Im getting rewarded or how asking if im feeling that tickle, and no, not anymore. I dont play invasions because I dont need detron or fieldron I needed a lot of the stuff on alerts and the odd time a good invasion pops up I do it as well.... Btw I never once asked for a taxi and if you don't like people rushing it was easy enough to turn it to a friends only session removing that issue, and ofcourse people were desperate for that nitian, without it you can't make half the good stuff. Why do you think people are doing Nightwave btw, its not because its fun its for the rewards. If you want your MR you need to build all the items regardless if they are good not, even if its just to throw them in the bin once you've ranked it up. So it doesn't really matter if you know what is good or not.
  10. Like I said alerts where more than just the resources, they help break up doing other missions tickling those reward centers in the process. I could get a aura or NE within 5minutes before now its locked behind weekly tasks and the more you progress the further apart those credits get(now that is idiotic)! There is no need to adjust credits or anything like that, just bring back alerts, and as I keep saying I still haven't heard a good reason for removing them in the first place. They obviously played for more than the alerts but the alerts added alot to the game for new/mid range players. Fair enough all those vets couldn't care less but I bet if you had to start over again it would be a different story and I bet it would take you a hell of a lot more time to reach that rank and get all those toys. Nightwave by itself is just a method of slowing down peoples progression while motivating those who already have it all to play a little more. If anything with this new system I am barely playing anymore, and for people starting half way through what is the point? Easiest solution and the most fun would be to bring back Alerts as they were and keep Nightwave alongside that, but also remove the time aspect and only reset/move players onto the next Nightwave once they have completed the first, a little like a quest/syndicate. Meaning we all get a fair chance at the Umbra and armour, even the casual. Instead we get told we must complete it all in a undisclosed amount of time or face loosing all the progression we have made towards rank30, to me that is not fun and just stressful. You say alerts where a bad design but you don't say why. If its because I might miss one, well guess what I might miss some of Nightwave only this time I will have to wait till next year for it to rotate back.
  11. Alerts broke up the grind, they gave us Nitian and Aura's at a much more better pace than Wolfcreds does, Im now stuck waiting to get to rank 12 so I can start building stuff again, before I had a nice steady flow of the resources I needed. But thats the whole point isn't it, slow down new players to try and tempt them into buying frames and weapons off the marketplace instead. I still haven't heard a single good reason for removing the Alerts, they were a great part of the game that I enjoyed and motivated me to keep playing, and even spend as I was enjoying myself. Now though I'm just bored and that wasn't the case before. Please DE see some sense and bring them back, no reason they can't run alongside Nightwave they would actually complement it and make the game more fun, and trust me if people are having more fun they are more likely to spend instead of getting frustrated and burnt out. I've already lost 2 friends who I play with because of this and they don't see anypoint in coming back without them, specially since they are now out of the running for the bigboy prizes on Nightwave what is the point for them to play? Bet Nitian is a market item very soon.
  12. Nightwave would of been awesome if it wasn't on a timer and hadn't of replaced alerts. Just put it down to a bad business choice please and go back to making the game fun... Because in the long run if people are having fun they will talk and then more people will have fun, and guess what sooner or later those people having fun will spend some money... What you are doing now is going to end in a serious drop in players a few more weeks down the line. Then we get the new/returning players coming back half way through the Nightwave, how do you think they are going to react to no alerts and no chance of getting those nightwave rewards? Think they will stick around? Im only playing till payday then its off to buy something new instead of giving you money, why, bcause you expect us to work a hundred times harder to get the things we used to on alerts and I hate the stress of this time limited nightwave. Just let us do them at our own pace and don't reset/move onto the next until we reach rank30 and bring back alerts! So simple and it would make so many happy again.
  13. got to agree that would be much nicer instead of randoms joining the session and calling people leaches because they are fishing instead of doing whatever it is they want to do.
  14. But the frames and weapons you need the nitain to build can be bought... Once again found my self logging in just to log back out again today, didnt even bother getting my standing with the Ventkids something I enjoyed. Yup think Nightwave has swiftly ended my love for this game.
  15. Glad they are making someone happy for me removing alerts took away a part of the excitement not to mention adding 10+ times the grind for resources I need like nitian, could get one in 5minutes before this update, then the stress of having the new system reset at somepoint in the future(undisclosed point as of yet I may add) loosing all my progression towards the top tier rewards if I haven't been fast enough to get them. Just not fun for me, not fun at all. Mind atleast it has ended my obsession with the game, swiftly as well, no more money for you DE and plenty more time for me. Shame Nightwave could of been awesome alongside Alerts, specially if they would just let us take it at our own pace and only reset our progress once we've completed it. Imagine being a new or returning player coming back half way through Nightwave as well, lol would there even be anypoint in playing for them.
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