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  1. IF you remove the "quickly" then we are at agreement 😛
  2. same with nightwave, more about slowing new players down by removing alerts than making the game more fun. Bait is not a big issue but I prefer the crafting, I know its just a case of collecting matterials but it adds a little more depth and fun instead of just buying any for standing
  3. Yes he may of had guns but his damage output might of been so small its not even worth the effort, I had it with my boar, over 7k rad damage as well but it wouldn't touch him, did not move his health at all, 3 ammo restores later and still not a change to his health bar that my eyes could see, If it wasn't my first time have this issue I would of stop shooting him as well once I realised... Atleast the guy was still moving around and not just standing still, he must of been doing something.
  4. Maybe the guy couldn't do any damage to him... Why not just be happy you got a wolf part instead of complaining someone else did as well, you've got invite only for that.
  5. Why are they time gating everything 😞 Do our old baits still work btw or are all those fish I gutted now useless parts?
  6. Does this boil down to an ego issue and not getting the most kills? I for one quite enjoy those defense missions where you get to practice your trick shots while someone does the bulk of the killing getting the round over quickly...
  7. easy to implement as well, N'th time on mission = pre determined reward. Must of done spy catcher over a 100 times now and still no Finesse.
  8. Actually its the paying customers who make the game possible his opinions should be a little more relevant if they want to get more of his money. Specially when hes not asking to pay for an advantage.
  9. You can not justify saying a 1% drop chance is efficient farming specially when you take into consideration a few weeks ago we could get it guaranteed on a five minute mission. I don't mind grinding, I've got everything in GTA and I used to play Runescape many moons ago, grind is not the problem my issue lies with them increasing that grind dramatically and slowing down progress specially of new players who won't know any better. A system that has worked for 6 years removed overnight and replaced with a system that expects so much more time and effort compared to the last. This wasn't about fun this was about logins and tempting people into the market. I agree with you on the MR that is why I haven't been bothered about doing my tests, in reality im probably closer to twenty if not higher but find where I am is just the right amount of standing to grind out each day before it gets boring. Plus Im not really building anymore since Nighwave put me off doing any more of the MR grind.
  10. I've fought him a few times without problem but today I came across him on a interception mission and I couldn't touch him, lvl84 the Boar Prime i was using puts out over 7k radiation damage with 94% status I was rarely hitting in the hundreds and didn't even move his health bar after unloading over 500rounds 😞
  11. I used the same computer and got it twice as well, shame we havent got a larger ship capacity or the ability to put them in the DoJo
  12. little bug when holstering a weapon.
  13. We used to do one mission and get a reward at the end, now its 8 bounties, 10 nightmares, 3 treasures to get half a rank never mind a reward and yet people still claim Nightwave isn't just an excuse for the devs to turn the grind upto 11 and tempt us into the store. Wow..
  14. You mean a system that served the game well for 6 years? Only people who have already ranked up most things and have all the auras think Nightwave is a good replacement. For me alerts where more than just the reward it broke up my own tasks that I had set, now I get a chores list I have to complete before I consider doing what I wanted in the game which is making me play less and less each week add to the fact they reset our progress and it just becomes a stressful waste of time instead of being fun. Nightwave was more about limiting the progress of new players so we don't rank up to fast in my opinion it was never about creating meaningful content. I was really enjoying the game up until they removed alerts and there was no good reason to do so either other than they wanted to slow us down. They should of had them both side by side and if no one did alerts anymore then you remove them, but I bet plenty would. Enjoy your Umbra.
  15. A Runescape Grand Exchange style system would be awesome! Oh and alerts alongside Nightwave might keep me playing.
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