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  1. spent 2 hours on the event, i know some people who spent more not only on their own run but to help out other people from the clan to achieve decent clan scores so that the clan would be in top 10 and then some people exploit it out of orbit, and the people who worked hard for their spotlight in the ranks just got booted out because of an exploit please address this @[DE]Megan bring it up to the team please
  2. name : ronald mcdonald age : fresh from the microwave i have a happy meal for you if you know what i mean 😉 i first came into this galaxy looking for the dirty hamburglar and after i found him i pulled a ballas on him and then ive decided i want to turn over a new happy meal so now am looking for someone that enjoys a big mac 😉 i like happy meals, diet coke, extra large, and extra thicc yes thats right, i have a new deal for you baby, extra thiCC heres a little sneak peak on the deal, only available in my bedroom though ; ) i dont like the MOTHERF, i mean the bad hamburglar, i also dont like it when someone steals my big mac please its my only big mac and i borrowed it from my grandpa i also dont like wendy's and KFC or when someone goes for another food establisment, but if you give me the time ill show you whats really good 🙂
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