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  1. @[DE]Helen This is kind of a slap in the face for the Switch Community 😞 We dont have the patch, the Melee Systems, the Forma & Boosters or Kuva Weapons. I hope switch gets an extra XP weekend when we have Old Blood, cause this is kind of unfair
  2. Dont want to disapoint you but im sure that a Mirage unvaulting is far along. Next will be Nekros & Trinity to wrap up the Plan of having every Prime available once on Nintendo Switch. (im like 95% sure on that 😄 ) Then its gonna probably be Mag / Nova (last unvault 2018), Frost / Ember (last unvault January 2019), Loki / Volt (last unvault April 2019) + Hydroid & Oberon are vaulted longer then Mirage - so by pure statistics i would say Mirage could even take till 2021 till unvault (Pure speculation ofc - no confirmed info) Unless DE release 2 more unvaults after Nekros & Trinity which would then ofc be Banshe & Oberen and Mirage & the next Frame to enter the Vault after her (i think Limbo) But i doubt they are even considering unvaulting those frames so early after the entered the Vault 😞
  3. @[DE]Helen There Relics are still not live on Nintendo Switch, why is that ? I know you said on Stream you guys are still updating the Market Page but i'm still getting Saryn Relics from Mot Hotfix maybe?
  4. Prophunt starts at 20:00 CET every non Baro Sunday The rules: > Sometime on Sunday i will hide a piece of Decoration somewhere in the Dojo > I will release a Screenshot of how the Decoration item looks at 20:00 CEST > Everyone can the look arround in the Dojo and try to find the Decoration > I will give some hints like every 15 minutes until someone finds it > If you find it, you have to do a Screenshot - IMPORTANT: You do a Screenshot with the switch Function, post it (if you want privat) on the Socialmedia of your choosing and send that Screenshot to me on Discord DM ! (No photos of you consoles accepted :chrisGrink: ) Prizes: > 1 Major consumable of your choice (Exilus Adapter, Forma, Orokin Catalyst / Reactor - or anything else worth 20 Plat on Market) > If i get multiple Screenshots before the first hint is revealed i will announce up to 3 Winners
  5. Just Members telling you how they fell about our Gang 🙂
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