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  1. After selecting your two Kuva Weapons to fuse, results are not shown correctly on the summary screen. They are shown as:
  2. Platform: NSW TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Focus not adding up. First focus orb generates tiny amount focus. Every following orb shows correct number after duration ends but dont get added correctly together. What should be 80k focus is only 20-30k focus after the mission ends. REPRODUCTION: Equip Frame/Weapon with lens and run mission. EXPECTED RESULT: Discrepancy between focus gain shown after orb expires and actual focus received. OBSERVED RESULT: Focus gain not working correctly REPRODUCTION RATE: 100%
  3. This. Trying to train a crewmate sometimes freezes/locks the ui (the curser starts randomly drifting before that). It worked the 3rd time i tried it so not sure what is causing the problem for it to freeze the first two times.
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