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  1. Don't get me wrong Banish can literally be a life saver but not when the newbie is constantly punting you into the rift (even after being asked not too) every chance they get, then it's either willful ignorance or simple trolling
  2. Only have one tip - DON'T KEEP BANISHING YOUR TEAM MATES!!!!! Sick of newbie Limbo's constantly putting me into the f******g rift every 2 seconds 🤬
  3. I like her the way she is (she has quickly become my most used frame), while a couple of QOL tweaks would be nice she is nowhere near as broken/useless as some make her out to be. As for the description it's just fluff to make her sound good - I'd rather judge her on how she plays than on the junk text in the description.
  4. Good, they can go and complain about him and leave Hildryn alone 😁
  5. The way I see it AS allows her to 'fly' by constantly applying downward thrust to maintain a set altitude above the ground (the altitude can of course be altered by the player at will) so when the floor level drops suddenly she will drop in order to attain/maintain the set altitude above the floor that AS is currently set for.
  6. Why spend so many Forma on a non-Prime frame?
  7. She's fine as is - I almost never use her 4 (except when the group get swarmed under and we need some CC) mainly use her 2 & 3 combined with any half decent weapon to murderise stuff.
  8. Same here, just waiting patiently with my cash in hand ready to throw at whoever makes a decent skin for her
  9. Take a Hildryn - her 2 is also a group status cleanse.
  10. She's pretty good but she'll never replace Hildryn as my most used frame.
  11. Is there any chance you'd consider Hildryn for a skin??
  12. Same thing with Prime Access/Prime Vault packs bought from the Marketplace, I bought one no long after I started (can't remember which one) and I ended up with access to a couple of weapons my MR was way to low to craft/buy individually.
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