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  1. We've been having this bug quite often as well. It's really a pain sitting through the long loading time only to crash or to get this wait for nightfall bug. Not mention that it's a pain to search for the teralyst because it's too dark.
  2. This has been happening quite often since the update. I had to go back to cetus, retake the bounty, and pray that it's going to work.
  3. If we already bought any of the items that are included in this list, are we supposed to get a refund? I just got another 105p which I assume came from the Repala Syandana that I already bought.
  4. Nevermind,apparently only the prisms were changed. My bad.
  5. I'm not sure about this. I already bought Repala syandana as well. But i only got 105p from the other tennogen syandana that was taken. But I'm cool it with though, I still got a new free tennogen as compensation. Thanks DE!
  6. Any official info on the next unvaulting?
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