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  1. It's not really that I've noticed, it was always like this after all. I just found this expression somewhere in the forums and it just fits the mentality of the players here very well. They just want to win so hard, that any hindrances seem to always get labeled "bad design".* Imo the only way to get people to want these new enemies is to force them to learn how to play the game better. To not rely on their numbers and cheap ability tricks to cheese through every mission. So that they don't need abilities to move efficiently, so that they don't need AoE to kill efficiently and so that they don't need to abuse defensive abilities to stay alive. Well, but I'm in the minority here, because I don't always use the easiest cheapest way to play the game and I don't see it changing. *Edit: I think that there are bad designed enemies (manics for example), but not every slightly more challenging enemy is bad designed.
  2. That is because most of the community is really hypocritical. On the one hand you want to have actually challenging enemies, that can hunt you down, are not easy to shut down and just in general a bit more challenging. And on the other you see complaints about every gamemode and enemy that is not dead in one shot. This whole game is just one big winning simulator and people don't want to have enemies that can pressure you like this.
  3. I don't know what the problem ist. She is going to be Inaros 2.0 with shield mods, Adaptation and double Arcane Barrier.
  4. In general a lot of pvp players don't ignore the points, that pve players make. It's rather that the discussions we have in the forums are often too emotional. The choice of words one makes has a great impact on what you consider to be acknowledging a point. I have been guilty of this myself in the past (I don't know if someone remembers me from 2 years ago ^^). What I (and probably you too) can appreciate about Kontrollo is that he is actually very careful with his choice of words and just in general well spoken. On top of that he answers calmy, when someone reacts negatively to his posts. That is something that both pve and pvp players very rarely seem to do in these heated discussions. The conclave players have a really simple stance on all of this actually: We want balanced pvp (both mechanics and matchmaking). We don't want to force anything on anyone. We want rewards for what we do, but we are also content with small ones. We want a bridge between pve and pvp (that is why Stalker mode is so popular).
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