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  1. Just curious if the drop from 2 weeks ago when you did Arbitration and Switch users got a 'broken' mod has been addressed yet. It was said on that stream that you'd make it up to us, then when it was mentioned during steam the following week it had been forgotten, so just want to know when us Switch users will get that drop.
  2. Vomvalyst spawns in PoE on Switch are non existant, this makes getting Quills rep nearly impossible. When will this be fixed? I and others have been asking about this on live streams, but they are either not noticed or not acknowledged. The lack of this spawn removes the possibility of Eidolon hunting without begging vets that transferred from PC to carry you through it for the drops to use for rep. This lack of spawns seems to also extend to the Kuaka and Condroc (ground) spawns as well. Please at least mention this on the Devstream, a lot of people are feeling like they are being ignored on this matter.
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