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  1. At least you didn't get 3 glyphs...... WTH do I do with 3 glyphs... It's literally 1 glyph in the end. Such a weird move by DE.
  2. Every 3 minutes we get a lens boi. So after the first 30 minutes, click on the "claim" button in the twitch drops page. Then rinse and repeat
  3. Did you try going into the inbox in warframe? Oddly I didn't get the inbox messages until I opened the inbox.
  4. these drops are only applicable for the community streams right? it look like its applicable for other Warframe streamers as well, eventhough its not. specially because the twitch drop is shown currently on this page: campaigns even there are zero streamers for Warframe with drops enabled right now.
  5. By previous twitchdrops, do you mean the ones before this new 'drops 2.0' system? If so ya they were amazing for me as well. This new system seems to be super bad... Did you unlink your account on warframe.com as well as twitch.tv? Before re linking them.
  6. After completing the 30 minutes. You need to click on "claim" on twitch WITHIN 24 HOURS. And then it'll show up in warframe when you login, (after a minute or two, sometimes more)
  7. same, i need to be up or something at 2 and 5 AM, some solution to watch the stream at a non demonic hour and get the drop would be great.
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