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  1. Hey DE take a look at my idea and please tell me what you guys think. I noticed how you try to promote creativity for players and I have an idea to further this concept. Warframe Textures! My idea is they work exactly like color pallets and skins an example of this could be a cosmic design with bluish and purple colors, it could inspire people to buy more cosmetics to combo with texture combos like the one I mentioned. I can see people being very excited for this feature. Another good thing about this is for warframes that are a tad on the unattractive side could look completely different from their base design, like base Limbo for example. He’s simple and has an interesting design but too many lines and shadowing when involving pure colors like whites could prove to be a little on the generic side, giving him a galaxy texture would mask his chaotic skin and bolster his simple design. Or how about users who need a metallic texture on parts of their warframe that have none? Rhino would look pretty cool in a steel chassis in my opinion at least. Please give it some thought, I’d really appriciate any feedback. Thanks for reading.

  2. On 2019-01-09 at 9:45 AM, [DE]Rebecca said:


    Hey all!

    If you've been awaiting news about Part 1 of the massive 'FORTUNA' update for Nintendo Switch - this is the thread to check!

    Our team and the Panic Button team are working together to refine and optimize the update for Nintendo Switch. We are aiming to send it to Cert TOMORROW, January 10!

    The Cert process is necessary for all our partners to ensure the update passes hardware and playability tests. This is our first major update on Nintendo Switch, so we'll keep you informed on the process and more! We'll keep you posted on download size information and more in this thread.

    We have added on major Motion Control feature request to the build as well -

    - Added in a new 'Motion Control' option to enable them only when aiming down the sights.

    Cheers and stay tuned!

    January 10 Update:

    We won't be submitting today, our new window is next week! We really want to optimize and submit the best Update we can with all teams working toward that goal, so we'll keep you posted next week with submission status.

    January 18 Update:

    Our teams have just gotten to the bottom of a recently discovered multi-player crash today, so our Submission window to Cert is now next week. It's a big one and we want to do it right - sorry for the prolonged process, but we'd rather not rush it.

    Can you guys at least fix the color issues on our primes? It's a bit bothersome to look at.

  3. The most recent update has messed up how color palettes are applied to the war frame chroma limbo and Inaros Seem to be affected by this it is quite frustrating seeing my recolor of my warframes not be entirely what I designed them to look like Is anyone looking into this are you guys having the same issue?

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