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  1. hello DE this Hotfix RIPs the Isolation Vault bounty ,cant going in loot room and end of bounty reward.
  2. hello DE the XP for my builded necramech is not realy good fixed. i become only my own XP, not the xp from my mates. why become necramech a cool down, k-drive and archwing doenst have it. i jump to the next mission (archwing/warframe) point then i musst waite the cool down time. level up nechramech is very tricky.
  3. Hello DE ich have problem with Level up my builded Necramech. Cant Level up more then lvl5. In missions i make up to lvl 11 but then goes back to lvl5.
  4. I also have a problem with the Xbox one controller on PC. cant go in scope or shooting, the LT and RT Buttons working wrong. I have testing some things, load settings to default and other thinks. i mean its a problem with the high FPS, before this update i playerd FPS unlimited, no vsync (RTX 2080 nvidia) without any problems. after this update i musst set max.(limited) frames to 144, the same as my monitor 144Hz / 144PFS. Now it works !!
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