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  1. Since the latest update I've had my game freeze when I leave it in the background for a few minutes. All I can do is shift+alt+del and close it to restart it.
  2. My game has been freezing since the latest update whenever I minimize it and don't touch it for a minute or two.
  3. You still havne't fixed the abominable grind for the 60% kuva weapons, despite plenty of feedback.
  4. Still doesn't fix the horrible grind for the 60% kuva weapon damage. It wouldn't be so bad if you could just add the percentage from two kuva weapons; kuva weapon 1 has 21% and kuva weapon 2 has 34% would result in a kuva weapon with 55% weapon damage and so on.
  5. I could help make the meta less stale.
  6. Same, considering that the kuva elemental weapon damage range from 20-60% which makes ALL weapons with 20-59% uselesss.
  7. Requiem Mods needs to be made permanent like ALL OTHER MODS, the grind is unacceptable.
  8. I purchased the new kuva bundle with armor, requiem mods and colour pallets recently. I had no idea that the new requiem mods are consumable and not permanent like ALL OTHER MODS. How was I supposed to know this? There's nothing in the market that warns you about this and I feel cheated. This is horrible design and the mods should be unbreakable like all other mods. Not to mention that you can't even buy the mods seperatly.
  9. This is unacceptable! I spent plat on these mods without realising this! Horrible design decision.
  10. Happens to me the vast majority of the time. It's frankly dibilitating.
  11. Same. Have had the kuva guardian announce the larva but nothing spawned and I searched the level extremely thoroughly, no marking either.
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