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  1. I can confirm this as well. I don't know the exact steps to trigger it, but using Dispensary inside the Index caused all the pads to stop spawning energy orbs.
  2. The bug is definitely still going on. On top of that, I'm not convinced the drop rate on Protea's parts is correct. I know, RNG is RNG. But I've been running this for weeks now, I've completed both the Stropha and the Stahlta, and I have not gotten a SINGLE Protea part. My number of runs must be in the hundreds now without one single part.
  3. I don't know if this might already be planned, but I'd really love to be able to replace my K-Drive with a velocipod caught through conservation. I'd just really like to have an infested style K-Drive, and I was pretty disappointed when I found out you could only use velocipods temporarily as you find them. Usefulness aside, it never sat well with me that all the K-Drives are Corpus themed.
  4. You should tell that to DE then, because with the exception of Baruuk they pretty much all just stay on all the time and replace either your guns or your melee. If DE insists on having them implemented that way, then I think they should all just work like Garuda's claws, replacing a particular weapon if you leave none equipped in that slot, and replace the ability with something useful. The energy cost is irrelevant to them.
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