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  1. I'm not married to the idea of armor stripping. I just think it needs to offer something the other abilities don't already do. I kinda like the idea of it expending combo counter for more damage, like a super Heavy Attack. I don't know if that might be overly complex, though. It's not like I'm suggesting that Exalted Blade should be removed. It's just really bad for his full focus to be on that one thing. Especially when that one thing replaces much of his base non-ability kit as well. Whether or not having it active at all times is fun is subjective, but I think that should at least b
  2. I'm not going to claim that Excalibur is more in need of a rework than any number of other frames, and this should be done before them. This is just something that I believe really needs to be done at some point. Excalibur is not in a good place. He relies aggressively on his Exalted Blade, and to a far lesser extent his Radial Howl. Neither of those abilities are particularly interesting, and this overall makes him very boring and one-dimensional compared to many other frames. He isn't "bad" simply because he can use Exalted Blade as a crutch, and this over-reliance on Exalted Blade in p
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