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  1. The alt-fire throw on the Javlok gets 0 benefit from Multishot. Having it not actually throw multiple projectiles is understandable, but the problem is more than that. First, the Arsenal actually shows the damage and status chance of the Throw being increased by Multishot, when it in fact is not affected at all. In addition to that, I would expect Multishot to at least increase the damage of the Javlok Throw the same way beam weapons are affected, but it isn't. Multishot does literally nothing for it. I've tested this extensively, and the actual damage dealt against enemies is identical with or without Multishot. The Javlok has pretty sub-par stats already, but not being able to leverage Multishot at all on throws makes it significantly weaker than it already would be.
  2. As an update, I'm still working on Valkyr. But I'm short on money, so I have to prioritize work projects this month.
  3. Ripline would be an extremely fun ability if the cost was reduced, the enemy yank didn't lock you down with a slow animation, and if it pulled you all the way to your target instead of stopping after like half a second of movement.
  4. When using a Fist weapon with Seismic Palm, the attack range appears to be broken on specific attack animations. Anything with either a backhand or elbow strike appears to have 0 range. Even with Primed Reach equipped, it never hits even if you're hugging the enemy. This might be the case with other stances as well, but in Seismic Palm in particular those account for around 1/3rd of your attacks. At first I chalked it up to Fist weapons in general having terrible range, but after some testing I found that it was those specific attacks that are wholly incapable of hitting anything. I don't know if other Fist weapons have more base range, but I tested this using the Furax Wraith.
  5. When you brought it up, I was reminded of multiple occasions where staff said they wouldn't make a particular melee change until after melee 3.0. Like riven dispositions.
  6. Ah, I completely forgot that we can't get any melee changes until 3.0 never happens...
  7. So A; the reach is shorter than the Warframe's arm. You have to be hugging the enemy for hits to actually connect. And B; functionality is more important than pure realism in a video game.
  8. The range on these things makes them borderline unusable. I've been using Furax Wraith on my Atlas, and it's insane trying to actually hit anything. I even put Primed Reach on it, and the range is still so short that his fists can visibly whiff right through an enemy and not connect. I have to be right on top of them. And that's just one target. Most melee can easily hit multiple enemies close together, but fists have trouble even hitting one. This is the main reason nobody uses them. It really needs to be fixed.
  9. I'd love being able to mod them independently. Atlas' Landslide I know sucks for modding, because getting good use out of it requires you to ruin your melee weapon. Landslide does not benefit from crit mods, status mods, range mods, or speed mods. It also heavily benefits from Impact mods, which are garbage on most weapons in the game. Even most of the impact-focused weapons.
  10. I'm really hoping Cautious Shot can go in there. Between that and my super tanky Atlas, I could probably stop worrying about self-damage, and take some awesome explosive weapons.
  11. There's already a "Magnetic" effect in the game that causes bullets to home in on that target, but it's rarely used. I'd love to see the regular Magnetic status effect replaced with that.
  12. Half his abilities are borderline useless. And non-prime Atlas has trouble even staying alive without spamming the crap out of his only decent ones, because his health is so low and Rubble decays so quickly. Those two abilities, Landslide and Petrify, also require there to both be large crowds of enemies present, and for you to be the one killing them to get the defensive benefits.
  13. I agree that Rubble should always give both health and armor. It's hard enough to maintain without lost health stopping you from gaining any. I don't like the idea of it only going down as you take damage. It only reduces the damage you take, not prevent it, which means it can't just act as health the way Iron Skin does, and any way they attempt that would be overly complex. I'd rather they just reduce the speed it decays. Landslide isn't bad, but it could use a bit of quality of life. It can get kinda painful just rapidly spamming it over long missions. I wish it would either auto-chain like Surge, or let you hold it down to keep it going. The aiming requires a very unnecessary level of accuracy for it to trigger as well. It should also have a properly moddable Exalted weapon, because it has seriously janky interaction with the mods on your melee weapon. It deals purely Impact damage, so it scales extremely well with mods like Primed Heavy Trauma or Collision Force. But the pool of heavily impact-focused melee weapons that can similarly benefit is extremely small. It also has practically 0 crit chance or status, so any crit or status mods on your melee are wasted on Landslide. I think Tectonics should work like the augment by default, where you can place 3 of them. The only way I've gotten use out of this ability at all is with the augment, and it still does not become a build-defining power. Having a single tiny wall borders on useless, and the boulder throw doesn't do much either. The mechanics exist in the game to make it possible to have the wall become a boulder by holding the power down instead of tapping it. I agree that Petrify needs a wider angle. At least 90 degrees. I agree with the duration on the Rumblers being bad. I'd be fine with it just not having a duration like Wukong's, but it might be bad to further devalue Ability Duration on Atlas. Originally I thought giving them health decay instead of a duration might be good, but the AI is too wonky to force the player to periodically wrangle them together for a Petrify just so they don't disappear. Even if they are permanent, they still kinda suck. I think the augment's slam on reactivation should be baseline so they have more use.
  14. I think it's because DE kinda shot themselves in the foot with how they handled his introduction. Atlas is actually in a fairly bad place, and really needed a rework with his prime release like so many other frames got. I think the reason he didn't get one, is that they were too busy with other projects like Railjack, Kuva Lich, Grendel, and reworking two other frames that did need it more than him. During the initial previews, he was shown with just +25 armor and +0.1 speed. But when players saw this, the general consensus was that they wouldn't use him anyway, because Atlas is too weak and those meager stats wouldn't change anything. I think DE saw this reaction, and threw the extra stat boosts in at the last minute hoping it would make him worthwhile. He's actually still not that great, but at least he's extremely tough. He doesn't necessarily fall into the "can't do anything but stay alive" group like original Wukong either, because he can at least put out some damage with Landslide if built correctly. Even with those crazy base stats though, I think I'd rank him as a middle-range frame, at best.
  15. The problem is the controls. When moving slow, you REALLY move slow. And when moving fast, you can't strafe, backpedal, or even move up and down. On top of this, movement is extremely slidey, and even just trying to stop in place is painful. Most players hate the slidey movement you get on icey terrain in some games like Zelda, because of how awkward it is to control. Most players also hate water levels, because of how awkward it can be to handle true 3D movement. Especially when dealing with enemies that can be anywhere around you. Archwing manages to combine both things.
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