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  1. I really love your ideas for Devour particularly creating Health Orbs. Provided Inaros doesn't immediately suck them up himself, this could be a decent team helping mechanic. I also like the idea of Devour being point cast and creating a pool of quicksand that drags in enemies and holds them for a duration. This is kind of how Scarab Swarm blast works when cast at an enemy, but again it only stays useful as long as the enemy it is cast upon is allowed to live. Having Devour create a patch of sand that sucks in enemies but itself continues to exists for its duration could solve part of the
  2. The healing you describe here is basically how Scarab Swarm healing works now. The problem is that it doesn't work in a team game as teammates are unable to NOT kill everything in sight. If a teammate stands next to enemies effected by Scarab Swarm they get very fast healing. However, if they just mindlessly zerg by and kill everything standing in sand, they get no healing, even if they needed it. I specifically mentioned this as a problem with Inaros. The problem is not because the power is weak or ineffective in and of itself, but because it is not useful in its current design as it rel
  3. So many people love to *@##$ about inaros in region chat but no one has anything to add to be constructive? Really? Did I do such a good job that I hit it out of the park? I find that hard to believe. No one has anything to add?
  4. Inaros Rework Concepts Megathread Inaros is an excellent frame despite being called lazy, selfish or useless. As someone who prefers the role of Tank in other MMOs, I gravitated towards Inaros right away. I would like to use this forum post to explore the possibilities of updating Inaros to be the group support frame he could be while maintaining what he already has that makes him great and enjoyable for those of us who love him already. I want to acknowledge all the other players who love Inaros and who don’t necessarily want to see him changed but perhaps wouldn’t mind to see him polish
  5. I run Natural Talent to speed up the cast of Talons and I find it to be quite effective. Additionally, you can negate the hard landing by aim gliding. A combo that I personally love to do is to bullet jump high into the air, use Talon charging to levitate there and decide where I want to aim and release my fully charged Talons. (Also launching Talons from the air seems to cover a lot more area than launching from the ground.) Then I aim glide immediately after the cast. Now, while gliding I can either just glide down, I can jump in a direction of my choosing or I can Dread Mirror leap ont
  6. @[DE]CoreyOnline Uhh, who is this megathread supposed to help? Mashing all the threads about Sevagoth into one massive pile makes it impossible to find anything or have a meaningful dialogue...
  7. That's a pretty ingenious build right there! Very cool! Would love to see it in action sometime.
  8. Honestly, I just gave up on Vox Solaris rep. I don't feel like I'm missing anything either. I can solo everything else in the game with ease so clearly I don't need anything from VS.
  9. Oh, I hear ya. I don't like it, its just how it is. I would much rather play with more nuance than "derp-zerg the objective as fast as possible and mindlessly kill everything on the way". As a tank main in every other MMO, I would LOVE to be able to use CC and tanking abilities to control the fight. Sadly there is zero point to trying to do that in Warframe, even with the limited tools to that purpose that we have.
  10. Totally agree with you. I wish Saryn players regularly thought as you do and went with the more interesting build rather than the "YAY! ALL MAH NUMBAZ UND KILLZ! I RULZ!" bs that is typical and furthermore sucks the fun out of the mission for everyone else. Sadly however, I find that they do not. I personally try to build my frames to be interesting and fun for my style of play rather than meta.
  11. Saryn is the most braindead, skill-less frame. People talk about frames being "selfish" but Saryn is the top of that list due to the frames singular ability to suck the fun out of every mission for every other player. I would be ecstatic if the frame were utterly removed from the game.
  12. I hated Garuda for a long time and now I love her. She rips through Steel path with her claws and abilities. It just took me finding the right build. When I first played her, I tried to build her tanky and focus on health and she didnt work... at all so I put her in the toybox and forgot about her. Then randomly one day I saw a video with an interesting build. That build made me look at her differently. I was originally looking at her as a stationary, high health, hang out near her Blood Altar kind of frame. Abilities. The build I am using now is amazingly highly mobile and active
  13. Totally agree! Interestingly, you can Helminth over Sevagoth's 4 and his passive still works. Useful once you realize how redundant Exalted Shadow really is.
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