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  1. This is a great write up! Thanks for the hard work behind the explanation. I have been looking for something meme worthy to do with Inaros, now I have something to muck around with. Thank you :) Let the memes commence
  2. Holy crap! Looking this up in 2021 and it is STILL a problem... WTF DE?
  3. Really? You serious? Who has the ability to uninstall the avionics in question? Does DE have a gun to your head saying you have to use them? YOU chose to install them. You can also CHOSE to not use them in order to experience the CHALLENGE you so desire. How is this concept so difficult for people? LMAO
  4. When Railjack was first announced I was overjoyed. I knew it would fall somewhat short of the grand promises that were made, but I didnt care. The fact that DE was thinking along those lines and wanted to attempt something so ambitious was truly epic! Even though RJ fell short of what was promised, I enjoyed it until the groups dried up. I still jump in now and then to enjoy flying around and dog-fighting. Anyway, the RJ that I envision and would love to see is a fully unified game, linked by RJ. What I am about to describe is probably not possible but give it a chance and let DE dec
  5. Hopefully you never play Saryn, cuz you just described entering a mission with someone playing her. I just leave missions when they start with a Saryn in group. Why dont you just leave missions if the Railjack is too powerful? I really, lmao, really hope you dont have Tether or Void Hole installed on your own RJ.... It would be really funny if you DID and turned out to be one of those people that argues on one hand that OF COURSE you have them installed because they are optimal and on the other hand demand nerfs because they are too strong. Perhaps I should demand that Saryn be nerfed
  6. Point - In mission Armory Pod is a cool idea. Point - I have faith that DE can figure out a way to implement it. Point - It is up to DE, not you or me, to say Yay or Nay. They know better than any of us what their coders are capable of.
  7. I highly doubt DE are struggling for money given number of players + Plat in the economy. I wonder if DE could create dedicated servers AND p2p to pick up overflow to make sure the dedicated servers didnt bog down. That would allow them to start small and scale over time. They have to already have some dedicated servers to broker connections so I dont see why they cant expand on that to get rid of some of the more pervasive and annoying P2P issues, like host lag as if that player is hosting from the moon and host migration to name two off the top of my head.
  8. Dont ya hate it, Xikto, when you are brainstorming something you think could be cool and some Negative Nancy storms in and says "No! That's not possible!! Here's why and I'm right!!!" I don't get it. I really don't. That attitude. That self righteous certainty. That need to kick over sand castles because maybe the tide will come in soon. WTF? First, it's just BRAINSTORMING an IDEA! Second, I'm pretty sure it is up to DIGITAL EXTREMES to be the arbiters of turning possibility into actuality. In other words... THEY say no. Blows my mind. Always has, always will.
  9. SUGGESTION - Dedicated Servers As the title suggests, I think it is high time for DE to open a dedicated server farm. Speaking of farms, I think they probably have enough players now and have therefore farmed enough plat from us to easily afford to set up some dedicated servers.
  10. Nah. Lets get into it. You reminded me, this is one of my major irritations with Warframe. Thanks for that. Off to create a new topic. Hope you'll drop by. :)
  11. SUGGESTION - Portable Armory Gear Item that allows the armory to be dropped into a mission once every 10 minutes. Players may use portable Armory to swap weapons and warframes during a mission. On many occasions I have joined a random group and wished I could chose a different frame that brought better synergy with the group I was with. My only option was to leave group, swap to that frame and hope to get a similar group upon rejoining the mission - which never happens. *edit* I think I know how this could work. Kinda like Specters, you have a gear item in
  12. I quit playing Warframe because the content I need to progress are my POE and Vallis rep grinds. No one does them anymore and I am doing them solo. The following facts regarding the way these zones are set up just make me roll my eyes in disgust and log out to spend my gaming time (and money) elsewhere. I am mentioning this to the devs in hopes that they 1) do something to fix POE and Vallis and 2) NEVER do quests like this again. Problems 1) Quest chains seem designed to require abilities that are the opposite of the Warframe I have chosen to play. 2) Constant bugs and
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