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  1. There is always someone who wants to be sanctimonious and say Git Gud and who thinks the problem just has to be the incompetence of the person making the complaint rather than a flaw in their favorite toy. I OWN the Itzal and am aware of what 1,2,3, and 4 do. Yes, you can dodge a missile, you cannot dodge 3 or 4 of them. I OWN the Amesha and FACT. YOU STILL GET SHOT DOWN even if you are using ALL of its abilities. I have been shot down while using Vengeful Rush to be immune to damage, while Warding Grace was active to make me immune to status effets, while using Watchful Swarm as an additional shield AND WHILE INSIDE the protection of Benevolent Decoys outer bubble. I built the damn Amesha to protect me from Open World BS like this and it doesn't work.
  2. I have Itzal. I dont always have max energy to be perma invis. Not a useful solution when the problem of being insta-shot-down should not exist in the first place!!
  3. You are right on the money with this and this is literally why I AM leaving Warframe. I earned my frames but don't get to use them to their fullest. I earned my Archwing, but I dont get to use it how I enjoy or find fun. I want to take my time and explore levels but everyone else just wants to rush since there is no incentive to explore. I want to explore the open world areas but there is either nothing to find, or it just turns into me vs Starship Troopers and I end up dying or being forced to run away. I want to enjoy taking on missions, but I dread, and consequently avoid the bounties on both PoE and Vallis. They are just so bad. So all I end up doing is re-running star chart, which I have long since cleared, and it just feels more and more linear and pointless.
  4. That should literally be the marketing slogan for Nightwave
  5. such a stupid system alerts were SO much better
  6. Dear Devs, In following with your desired feedback format, I present to you. 1. Keep it simple Archwing Knockdown Needs To Go, on Plains of Eidolon and anywhere else you might ever think about including it. 2. Back it up Arbitrary balance. Ahh. On of my favorite pet hates. As a long, long time pen and paper Dungeons and Dragons Dungeon Master I have, on a great many occasions, debated the concept of balance both around the table as well as in MMO's and other games. I will seek to be concise here and avoid a multi page rant. Balance can either be symmetrical or asymmetrical, it can be overt or subtle. It can be apparent to the players or completely masked from their view. Sometimes balance is hugely important to a game or story and sometimes it is utterly meaningless. In the case of Warframe, balance is not a word I would place even in the top 150 words to use to describe the game. When I try to explain to my friends what Warframe is, I would say that it is.. "An action packed, over the top kill-fest where you get to play as an over-powered cybernetic ninja warrior with magic powers who destroys hordes of enemies with outrageous weapons and stylish bad-assery" Balance is not a concept that comes to mind. So, my question to you, DE Devs, is... WHY!? WHY did you decide it was necessary to include this utterly arbitrary "you cannot fight guys from your Archwing in free roam missions!" instant knockdown bullpucky bullets or missiles or whatever they are?? I trust you are aware that we have loads of other ways to cheese the content, right? And I trust you are aware that you provide us with all these great toys and powers, and for the most part you let us use and abuse them as we wish...right? SO WHY? WHY do you need to keep us out of our Archwings? Is it really that big a deal to you? It really shouldn't be. I will close with this for you to ponder. ar·bi·trar·y Dictionary result for arbitrary /ˈärbəˌtrerē/ adjective adjective: arbitrary based on random choice or personal whim, rather than any reason or system. 3. Be polite Thank you -Rov
  7. DE, Can we please have the ability to rank-down mods? ie. I have Vigilante Armaments that I have ranked to max (5), but I want to test or use it in a build with 4 capacity. Why can't I go to <mods> and down rank the mod? I have already unlocked it, why can't I just tune it back a rank, or two, or what ever I please? Instead I have to have a spare and pay to rank it to 4. Even with the grind-fest theme of the game, this seems an excessively inefficient burden to thrust upon your fans. I suppose that for long time players with mountains of mods, credits and endo this is a non-issue, but as a new player, this is a pretty big deal, and will remain a big deal for probably years, until I have a stockpile of multiples of everything and more credits and endo than I can use. I would appreciate a fix. Thank you
  8. Can we PLEASE have the ability to interchange parts that we have already built on our Amps, Zaws and Kitguns? Using Amps as an example, It is SO irritating and frustrating to have to build 333 and 323 and 332 and so on... just to figure out which Amp I like the playstyle of the best! Why can't i just build each part once then assemble parts to my hearts content until I find the one I like? ( I know why, cuz you want us to keep grinding and spend money, but thats a bullcrap reason) I would like to see this implemented in the near future. Thank you DE
  9. NA server selection should only be available to people playing from North America. I'm so sick of this hosting system that, for whatever reason, decides to select as the host the person with the system least capable of hosting! I have my ping limit set to 250 and yet I still get regularly connected to games hosted by people that seem to be playing from the Moon using a 14.4kb dial up FFS! This is unacceptable networking practice for 2019! Fix this DE! Start by locking down server selection to local region of Earth that a computer is connecting from. Next, as part of the "checking for updates" phase of the launcher, add a connection checker component that pulls ping, upload and download speeds and saves that in cache for the purpose of hosting as long as the game is running. Hell, run it periodically or pull 3 data sets to get an average.
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