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  1. I studied game design as part of my major in college so I understand that argument. However, lazy game design says "we will just make this area out of bounds". Good game design says "we need to preserve immersion so lets think about compelling reasons to make this area out of bounds". Of course maps need borders, I'm not arguing that. What I take umbrage to, especially in a game like Warframe, are the overused *go to black screen and reset position* pits and ceiling areas. I think by now, given how popular Warfame has become, DE can afford to hire a couple more devs to update maps as well as start running their own dedicated servers for matchmaking.. but that is a whole other issue.
  2. That's what I suspected, that they were remnants of the early state of the game. Still, no reason not to get rid of them now.
  3. DE, Very simple question. Why are there out of bounds areas and pits in a game with player mobility like we have in Warframe? When I have a frame that can leap 100 feet, why was it necessary to design a map with out of bounds areas at the bottom of a 6 foot pit??? I assume this is legacy crap left over from when the game was young, but isn't it high time to get rid of immersion breaking foolishness like this? You can make a pit without the out of bounds. We already have all the tools necessary to get ourselves up out of any pit we might get ourselves into. (at least any pit I have ever fallen into, and I am always falling into pits) Also, ceiling areas that are out of bounds... WTF?!
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