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  1. Thanks for the hotfix. Since update 25.7 I can't play Warframe anymore. I have hoped that the next hotfix will solve the problem but it seems that I am wrong. My laptop can't play it. Every time I play a mission for a while it will stop my graphic card and the game stops, even with low settings. https://imgur.com/GWVzqzs My graphic card is Intel HD 5500, I have played Warframe for more than one year and now my journey end just because of a great update.
  2. I have used DX10 for year now and still using it. But it doesn't help. I have checked it. My laptop also doesn't work with DX11.
  3. Since update 25.7, when I play a mission, especially on Lua, my laptop will freeze a little bit then the graphic card driver gives me a message that "it was stop working and successfully resotre", but the game stay broken and I can't do anything else. I have to open Task Manager and kill the game. https://imge.to/i/vyzCC0 I thinkn I can't play Warframe anymore if it keeps continue
  4. Hi @[DE]Rebecca, Everytime I try to play the disruption node on Lua my card driver stops. It never happens before, usually I will get crash. As soon as I started the mission, hit 1 or 2 enemies then my driver would stop right, sometimes it will said that the memory exceeded.
  5. About the loadout UI can we have option to change the configuration of appearance and mods too? Like take an example I want to change to Nova and have an option to choose her configuration to be speedva or slowva, or change appearance so I don't need to change syndicate sigils everytime when I choose a different syndicate mission. There is still plenty of space under the cooperative and companion session to add more options.
  6. Will you have a toggle for changing "Quick melee" mode like 2.0 and "Full melee" mode of 2.99? Another thing worth to notice is keeping scanner. There was a short time we can still use scanner after using melee weapon. Now it change to primary/secondary weapon everytime we use a melee weapon. So we have to reequip the scanner and that's a pain. Could you fix it? This problem has been report several times as the link below:
  7. Thanks for the hotfix, it makes the works more worth. But there is a new problem that I can't open Warframe in windows mode anymore. The mouse still can interact with desktop and other file behind the game so sometimes I move a program or accidently open it. Also it can go outside of the boundary of the game window so if I miss-click then the game's window will not be active anymore so I have to reclick again to resume control. That's really annoying. Another thing is Scanning with new melee still has not been fixed yet, as reported several time: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1106207-quick-melee-with-codex-scanner-equiped/ https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1074050-new-melee-system-annoying-for-scanning/ There was a small time we can still scan after using full melee but now it switch to primary/secondary weapon, even when we go in/out operator mode. Please fix it DE for the better game experience.
  8. @[DE]Rebecca There is a bug with arbitration Corpus faction. Some of the enemies are invincible even without the arbitration drone and the only way to damage them is using operator. I notice that this bug usually happens with Nullifier after they are covered by the drone, and other enemies that was in the bubble covered by the drone as well. I hope this will be fixed in the future because this make the mission become ridiculous hard. And also for Infestation faction can you guy let the drone cannot be buffed armor by Moa Unit?
  9. @[DE]Rebecca @[DE]Steve It is good to see Imperator Vandal has a great buff in atmosphere mod but why now the Critical Chance and Status Chance of Imperator Vandal in Archwing mod is identical to the normal version while before that it was 15% and 10%? The wiki still keep this data: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Imperator_Vandal Is this a bug or it is intended? If it is intended I feel so upset because my favorite weapon in archwing mode now get nerfted...
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