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  1. Cause you said "it's too easy!", why dont you try for yourself and do it solo cause it's too easy for you and prove it in devstream. Else all talk 😂😂
  2. I know we all see it coming but "far from the intentions" is like DE doesn't think to the future, never learn how to not be outsmarted by player. Well have DE ever think cause i read few posts about "not our intentions"
  3. Please reduce infested ranged / not close-range units in Cambion Drift (Free Roap Map in Deimos)
  4. Hi DE, if you think "very experienced Warframe players" can you make it not MR based instead playtime based. MR 25 with 600 playtime is not what i called very experience. Instead if you want very experienced players, I think you could make it for MR 20 and above with atleast 1.5k hours playtime. Thank you.
  5. can you change the default operator? from ordis to someone else like suda, simaris or other cephalon we prefer?
  6. hi, can de teams buff zenistar (heavy attack to calls the disc back doesnt use any combo) and fix this bug cause it waste a lot of combo count. Also the disc ended before its duration, like only 100 seconds while I throw at 12x combo and the duration in UI is 120 seconds [perhaps the system counts it 10x combo cause im using 2x combo mod]. thank you
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