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  1. We have one space left, might construct some barracks if enough show interest
  2. About Us We are The Midnight Merchants, a close-knit, South African Ghost Clan (6 strong at the time of posting this) that is mostly run by me. Our goal is to share the passion of the game that is Warframe, whether you are here for the lore, looking for other to help with the grind or just wanna have fun. As you may well know, we South Africans have to deal with our poor connection when we play with others. By sticking together we can make playing the game a more pleasant experience for all of us. Requirements Though we would welcome all with open arms we need to know if you are here to stay as we only have a limited capacity (we might still rank up eventually but that will require us to have a surplus of people showing interest) Minimum Mastery Rank of 2 - not that high a requirement, but at this point we can trade mods to assist you 20+ hours in-game - this is debatable, more just so we know you have somewhat of a grasp of the game Reside in South Africa - doesn't matter where in ZA Be somewhat active - not too serious about this, we would prefer you not be inactive for 30+ days unless you tell us about it Be friendly towards others and treat your fellow Tenno with respect Be adaptable and be willing to take on different roles in a squad Apply To apply your simply need to leave your IGN and the reason you want to join either here or (preferably) on the discord, feel free to include something about yourself. Depending how many sign up we can't guarantee a place for everyone and we will get back to you ASAP. Clan Ranks & Promotions WiP Dojo We have all the halls and labs including a Dry Dock, Crimson Branch, Conclave rooms and Obstacle Course We have ~50% of our equipment researched though we will be more than happy to research anything you need. Our dojo is somewhat decorated but we are looking for talented Tenno that might be willing to decorate our halls. Social You can join our discord server here, post your application in the #apply channel. Happy Hunting Tenno
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