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  1. yes that's warframe a huge tool kit with 39 tools and countless addons for these tools but please only use the hammer the rest sucks because there are only nails.
  2. i did what ever i wanted in this game with whatever item. i took the frame i liked to play and if i was good enough with it i was fine for the most part and not "limited" to 1 frame that outperforms the rest. if there is nothing broken in the game why did they remove immortality trinity? i play the game long enough to remember times where no return was the best pistol mod no matter how you looked at it. you don't need to do that anywhere else in this game and the game doesn't limited frame and arms viability like this anywhere else. so yes i was naive to think they will not do that again something like the eidolon fights. if one frame out of 39 can do it in 2 mins then there is nothing wrong with the game right? and do you know why i know that? because that's the case for everything in this game that has some more HP. i read about the encounter now but didn't wanted to do that before hand again it's like reading about the second dream before playing it and there was no way in hell i would have ever won with my bad arch gun absolutely no way because the last phase had a timer. the unlimited frustration at that point would be to much for me anyway. if they would add a timer directly fine but the implementation will feel extremely unfair for player that need a hour to get there thanks to there sub par equipment just to get a message in the last phase with you never had a chance. so if the information is somewhere then it'S not missing? why should a game tell you about new game mechanics if we can just put it into the patch notes? how where riven added again right with a given riven mod and some text about it that no one has read. bad game design why did they even try to tell people about it they have patch notes... based on what? yes i know it's "fixed" and the other 3 player can play the game again to some degree and no it was not for one map... still doesn't stop the nightmae from seeing player to be happy to be able to go AFK for the next 30 mins because there is nothing they can do anyway... so sorties where not meant to be hard? so it was the failure called raids? there where no plains back then. the sorties where meant for veteran player that have a big enough arsenal to even do them. and don't worry DE dropped the ball on some of them at the start... my point about HA and rage is not the infinity loop you had back in the day with quick thinking... one is a common mod the other one a rare one now compare them. unairu is a freaking well known joke to be utterly useless in comparison to the rest. heck it got even nerved with the rework... ironie and yes i use the prime one that is totally outclassed by the teleport archwing. potential misquotes are not intentional.
  3. yeah i can't grab chroma and do it myself and i'm not complaining here about the game that the informations are missing and total superseeding of other frames and arms. 10 mins yeah... don't forget your sandbox is missing you.
  4. i'm a total veteran far over a 1000 logins and could have used the wiki but i wanted to play the game as it is and not read about it. 99% of stuff in this game is useless or at least utterly outclassed by other stuff and that'S not a big problem even for sorties it's mostly possible to solo them even with a relative bad arms and a relative bad frame. adaptation is so broken it superseeds all other defensive mods and do i even have to list mods that have absolutely no point in the game what so ever? what about hunter adrenalin and rage? unairu anyone? pristine game design. they put content behind a farm wall so you can't play it with your friends who simply doesn't have the nerv to repeat the same bounties over and over again. if i really wanted to i could grab chroma and kill that thing with just a couple of shoots at the shield which is a great game design in a game with 39 warframes. i should have never returned after leaving seeing the banshee apocalypse of braindead gameplay. even through i will never play public again... no they even put a timer at the end in just to punish user that try to do that bounty just to see the timer and to think well not going to happen that's nice better study the wiki before i do anything in this game.
  5. yes obviously didn't do that why should you play a game if you just read about i remember this for the next time i play a single player game so i don't have to play it... if the enemy didn't stop spawning in general after 10 mins i may have notice this and that the freaking problem with the game you need the wiki for everything because the game doesn't tell you new game mechanics. it's nothing new that 99% of stuff in this game doesn't do anything compared to the broken stuff like chroma. it was always like this a build or even a simple warframe will be rewarded with the easy game or even only possible game play not the skill of the player. hell i don't have mission commands like "we are finished here" for a month now.
  6. so i through after slowing leveling on fortuna over the past month let's check out that profit maker can't be as terrible as trying to kill a sentient on eidolon with the old starting amp i mean they have to learn form there mistakes not? some bad game desgin by forcing you to do one type of element game even through you can't have all these types at the same time... still manageable in "time" ohh time to use these generally hated archwing mechanics because it is the only way to damage the target. ohh you used all your ammo? don't worry come back in 5 MINS??? seriously you make players intentionally wait 5 mins to do NOTHING in a video game an intentional game design where the player is supposed to do nothing? ok claim down you are committed to the level try it. the legs respawn... after over one hour of WAITING i'm not far away from needing a new display. so this is either a very very bad bug or a developer should really come to a player and say him yes this is intentional you are supposed to wait 5 min and do nothing in this time frame we want it this way! it's good game design.
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