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  1. The only thing stopping that from being realized (for now) is the way how you acquire weapons or rather the RNG behind it Plus, Rivens fix some weapons for me. I love using the Astilla and Amprex and I would never have used them without Rivens.
  2. I need not explain myself any more. Why doesn't it exist? The Vaykor Hek is pretty much a tease as it's so much more powerful than the Hek yet you can't use Scattered Justice. And before you say anything on how it would ruin the fun of the Vaykor and regular Hek, keep in mind the following: 1) This probably won't affect much either way because the regular one is still an early game staple whereas in the late game nobody uses either it nor the Vaykor one. You might use it, but the overwhelming majority of the community doesn't. I say this warrants a change 2) While that would make the r
  3. Whatever these people are telling you, don't be confused - the game is MUCH better now. It does have some grind, of course, Warframe will never not have grind, but it's way more manageable. In fact, you don't need to grind at all, at least finish the story components that came into the game which just keeps getting better and better, which is in of itself more hours of gameplay than most Singleplayer games. And if you decide to grind stuff like Kuva Weapons, it'll be much better than what it was before. So DEFINITELY give it a try. Also these people fail to mention stuff like open worlds
  4. PM, add me or mail milosg357@yahoo.com
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