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  1. So, I don't use the default controls because I kind of dislike them. After changing them though, the "x" binding for Captura stopped working so I couldn't open the Settings menu. I am forced to use a controller. I would like this to be fixed so I'm not forced to change my controls back... Video below. https://imgur.com/Oba27JI
  2. Upon entering the ship, my Squadmate and I noticed that the defense target never spawned, no objective markers and no means to leave the Corpus Ship. The only way we could leave, was to abort the Mission and lose all rewards (regardless of their quality). I am quite frustrated by this, now both factions have bugs that result in a unavoidable failure. The reproduction rate is uncertain. Him and I decided to pose for the screenshot for fun because we had nothing else to do here.
  3. Type: In Dojo Description: After a Railjack Mission, enemies will spawn in the Dojo and kill players (even if there were none on beard when extracting). Upon being killed, the players cannot respawn. Visual: Below - My dead body with a nearby marked enemy and I am holding [E] to respawn and it ain't working. Tragic really... Reproduction: Finish a Mission and head back to Dojo. Expected Result: I can go about my day and do stuff in my Dojo. Observed Result: See Visual... Reproduction Rate: 2/2 as of report, testing will involuntarily continue.
  4. TYPE: In-Game Any Railjack Node DESCRIPTION: Upon selecting a new node, if one were to reenter the pilot seat (or possibly other seats) before travel, the rewards screen remains up and cannot be dismissed, game cannot be paused, unstuck doesn't work. Complete softlock, only current fix is to alt+F4. VISUAL: [Image Below.] REPRODUCTION: Select a new node at the end of your Mission (has to trigger a reward screen) and immediately enter the pilot seat. EXPECTED RESULT: Should be able to close the menu and continue my Mission. OBSERVED RESULT: Complete softlock.
  5. Me and a friend found this issue where the door does not open in the Pulse Turbine. We suspected that it may be caused by the debris that has a chance of spawning on top of the door, but that was proven false by the fact that all "round" doors did not open and the larger doors that lead to that circle room still opened.
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