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  1. Thank you for the hard work of the team. However, in recent games, when I join a random team, I often get a black screen and cannot operate. It has been going on for some time. Can this be improved? My english is not very good, sorry
  2. 我想問一下,當我隨機加入遊戲時,我經常處於黑屏狀態。我必須重新啟動遊戲才能繼續玩。這是一個例子嗎?
  3. I would like to ask, when I randomly join the game, I am often in a dark screen. I must restart the game to resume playing. Is this an example?
  4. Similarly, I also faced the same problem. Just after I joined the random team, the screen appeared black, or unresponsive infinite reading, but there will be no different changes. I hope DE can pay attention to this issue, thank you again
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