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  1. I love the constant quick fixes and quite frequent optimization tweaks and improvements. I remember steve saying that warframe is a hungry machine and you have to keep feeding it and I get that but I think we need less little updates. I for one don't mind waiting for new content if the content presents replay value , The community demanding constant content has you spreading the team out , scrapping projects being worked on ect and i'd imagine you're leaking money for all those scrapped projects. I'd be ok with no new frames if it means you can focus more on your timeline which seems to be completely pointless. Saw a video talking about DE credibility and I do believe players are partially to blame because you're constantly trying to pump out new content but lets be honest , a lot of games go a 1 month - 4 months with no new content but they drop content when they do that has value behind them. The last content update was to tie players over for railjack but imo all it did was provide a happy meal for players looking for something new. Railjack has the chance to be not a happy meal but a buffet , I hope you can focus on that and nothing else , have a small group working on hotfixes and optimization and the rest on railjack , try and make it a very big "expansion" that can feed the community while you work on the next big update. with constant little updates they don't hold players in the game.. they grind it out in 1-3 days and then wait month (in railjacks case 2 years). I do hope you understand that this isn't bashing or hate in any way directed to your company (im quite a frequent supporter through plat purchases and prime access), I want to see warframe be what it can be and im only expressing my opinion to kind of get out some frustration. I am not putting all the blame on you , I do put some on the community as steve said we can be quite hungry (yes the community needs to be held accountable for the issue also) A few small changes that might help -Tweak the required time to craft items such as warframes (24 hours per part and 73 hours for the frame itself) is a VERY large turn off even though you offer rushing with plat. -Tweak the drop tables (instead make survivals rewards randomized and not based on chance vs 20 min rotation example) -Tutorials for moding weapons and warframes (I know for a fact that they can be hard for new players , I have 3 friends who I had to sit on discord chat with for 2 hours explaining the moding system , the upgrading of mods , the endo farming options ect and I feel a detailed tutorial will help a lot) -Remove 3 day boosters ( make them 1 week or 1 month and adjust the price minorly) Offtopic the one things about DE that absolutely drives me bonkers (in a good way) is your dev streams , They are SOOOO good but as time goes by they lose passion as projects are scrapped and timelines aren't matched because viewers cant hold whats said at any face value as projects are constantly suffering from time issues... I love DE and I really mean it and I hope you see and understand this is my thoughts ❤️
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