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  1. Oh but I mean, kill all 8 Corrupted Heavy Gunners within that time frame, and forgot to mention, all of them level 165 If you could do it faster before the update, with a slight adjustment to the build, you should be able to do better now
  2. My zaw actually kills slightly faster after the update (I never used meme strike though). I have tested in both endurance arbi runs and simulacrum. In simulacrum: 8x Corrupted Heavy Gunners are all downed 7-9 secs 8x Corrupted Bombards are downed in 6-8 secs For me, that is a decent kill rate and is good enough for me, although other players could be killing even faster. For the players who experiencing a massive nerf, are you just using generic builds from YouTube and warframe guides?
  3. Check if you have "SOLO" selected besides the other 3 options
  4. The reason is, there is already Warframe for players in China. Published by ChangYou (PC), Perfect World (PS4) and Digital Extremes. You access/download the China version here: http://wf.changyou.com/ The only way you can access the Global servers is bypassing China's internet blocks via VPN, which you are not supposed to in the first place. Therefore, I don't understand why players from China don't just access the game via the China servers and insist on bypassing the internet restrictions to play on the Global servers, only then to complain about the connection issues?
  5. There is something you can do to try resolve this. But be warned, you will often be paired with a host with unstable internet connection (they are and/or their family members are often downloading/streaming, such as torrenting or Netflix, which affects their connection tremendously at times) Anyhow, please try the following: MENU > OPTIONS > GAMEPLAY > Region > Switch to "Autoselect" MENU > OPTIONS > GAMEPLAY > Matchmaking Ping Limit > Change to a higher value, eg. "400"
  6. This happens after a host migration and you are the only player who continued with the index run
  7. This happened to me before too. Mine used to be a steady 5 secs at one point, but jumped to 15 secs after accessing a grineer console just as mission ended (I believe this happened twice). It took me a very long time just to get it back down to 9 secs
  8. That is indeed a tried and tested method in gaming history of creating game instances. Perhaps DE wanted to be different?
  9. You are supposed to submit information about bugs here. If you submit a ticket, the staff will direct you back to this forum to report any bugs you encounter. One point to note also, the weapon firing itself is not limited to primary. If you switch to secondary, the weapon will also keep firing on its own. However, if you switch to melee, nothing will happen until to switch back to either primary or secondary, thereupon the weapon will continuing firing by itself.
  10. Even if you host the game in premade, the game sometimes does a host migration during mission loading and switches to another player in the squad, with all members of the team still in squad. Should a squad member disconnect, a random player will usually join (unless you set to invite only) It's possible to increase chance of being the host, by setting the maximum ping limit to a really low number. But again, the game will still switch host from you during loading to another player who has awful ping (jumps erratically up and down). I personally don't understand the logic behind this, as every other team member suffers from the bad host.
  11. This bug has been reported many times by other players. I also posted about this quite some time ago, with no solution/fix as of yet.
  12. Hi DE, If you had not noticed, many people keep posting about these 2 main bugs on a regular basis, which are still ongoing since a long, long time ago. However, no apparent solutions have been made to resolved these 2 issues. Personally, i have friends who have quit this game due to these issues, as on a bad day, it's really difficult to enjoy the game with those bugs constantly disrupting what should be an enjoyable gaming experience. I don't think I need to go into how these 2 issues affects the gaming experience as many people have made posts regarding this. I understand a lot of your resources are spent on creating new content as many players also complain of a lack of content, and obviously you have overheads, bills and profits need to be made. However, I do feel you are overlooking this detail of the player experience, which is not just content related. There will be players who will say that they never experience these problems and don't understand what I am "complaining" about, and I am happy for them as it's not an nice experience to have. However, there are enough players who keep experiencing this on a regular basis to warrant solutions/fixes to these issues. I personally think you guys are doing a great job, but need to broaden your focus onto the game as a whole, rather than just content. Keep up the good work!
  13. This isn't the first time I didn't get the drop after watching the full duration of Prime Time or Dev Stream, so the bug has been ongoing for quite some time now
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