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  1. Youd think with this many people wanting the head gear after like 3 years theyd let us keep it lol.
  2. You made my favorite female warframe have such a plus on her already lewd figure, 10/10. That katana skin is pure genius and will make people want to use the katanas once more over zaws for once. Can you give us more color examples for her skin?
  3. Okay you may not have ever seen me post but Im always looking at your posts hitsu san, as a fan and buyer of all of your skins and such, I gotta say that face aint sittin with me right. I know my voice alone cant change its outcome but as a SUPER DUPER HUGE fan of valkyr I cant help but think she needs some more elegance type of facial helmet. Honestly when you said she was next I was so hype I almost forgot mesa prime was a thing. In my perspective of this skin the pendant is cute, the ears, also cute but the eyes look like shes either scarred there, blind, or something. Though I can tell you probably went for somrthing. Dont get me wrong it looks good but its also not too appealing in a weird way. Idk if that piece behind her head is also part of the skin but whatever it is I dont understand it Id actually like an explanation on that like in all seriousness Idk what it is and wanna see more xD. As for the ears and the halo. The halo is great I doubt theres much else that can be added to her besides a halo at this point, the ears are also cute but I hope you mess around with it enough to develop something insanely unique. I dont mean to sound rude in the slightest honestly as your fan but this is my fav warframe and I was expecting to use this skin for like ever so I wanted to drop my insight and opinion. Shes looking like a female wukong right now to me instead of a cat, and I can live with the nose thing indicating her noses location but it just gives me the prime nose ring vibes. She has so many weird patterns and stuff on her skin I just thought a smoother type is what I expected like zephyrs skin. Again forgive me if I sounded rude. P.S been using wrong account so this ones brand new compared to my lurker.
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