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  1. I cant stress enough how underpowered these lot are. Everything else has been getting buffs, nerfs, etc. but I barely see anything on the infested. Maybe theres slight changes or slight damage reductions or slight damage buffs, but where are the new enemies for the infested? What are your thoughts guys, what kinds of ideas for infested do you hope to see eventually?
  2. Gonna keep it simple, I play because no joke, the warframe babes are hot. Valkyr, mag, wisp, ivara, garuda, nyx, etc. Theyre all hot. I play for their aesthetics and sometimes just to look good cuz the game is a mind bog,e of its own lore wise and weapon wise. I enjoy learning a lot about things I never knew in the game and its fun frankly.
  3. Shes a CC frame, meant mostly for survivability and legit to make it so the enemies dont overpower you and your team. You can even build her as a dps tank. Please dont underestimate her just because shes not a damage frame.
  4. If it ends up being an exploit they hadn't planned, they'll either reset peoples stuff, ban those that exploited it (yes your not safe even if many people took part), or let it go and fix it.
  5. Being able to switch between paradox's using your adult and young tenno would be pretty neat. I prefer my badass tenno as she is though.
  6. This.. 1000x this, its not our problem anymore, though I'm sure the newer players (that arent reading this thread) are grateful for your concerns its not our problem anymore. We can remind DE, yes but to stress it the way we are now isnt necessary if youve been way past the beginning. Regarding your comment about the game not being free, I highly disagree. I did find it odd to work with the space I have to get higher mr etc. but its not impossible. Not to mention nightwave is available early off in the game when you follow the quests and gain more items, knowledge etc. about the game/lore. They give you 50 plat off the start (used to be 100) and instead of people using it wisely like you should in any game your starting just incase they try to get cosmetics and feel bummed out that they cant. I have guided over 30 new players correctly in this aspect and now theyre just having fun collecting primes etc. without worry of space.
  7. This sorta happened to me once except it gave me my items cuz it counted as a DC. I was stuck in the load for the RJ. Theyll fix it eventually, 2020 is the year of fixes.
  8. im saying some things require rng, hes trying to make an item that fits for rng into something u can just get simply. Yes theres too many rng related things now but thats def fitted in that category
  9. Its a free item, that looks awesome and is in high demand. Its gonna be hard to obtain, please remember this is a video game, you cant just get upset over somethings that make sense because you cant obtain it and expect them to make it easier to get. Thats not a video game, games are supposed to be a challenge not a charity case.
  10. If I had to sum ul what alad v is, hes basically that one villain that never actually wins, hes pulling that gag and honestly it fits him. The fact we all probably thought he was like overpowered or the king of the grineer at first still makes me laugh to this day. But we never know he might become something threatening in the future.... Pfft.
  11. I prefer both. I generally dont mind being without a team, sometimes it does get annoying dealing with certain co op aspects like partner doors, someones kavat dying, defenses taking longer (only reason id enjoy a defense taking longer is for hydron), and the afk's. Personally the best reason to solo for me is to stare at my frame, not being rushed by other players and just genuinely scoping out the scene of things... and my valkyr's butt.
  12. I honestly used to just look for new players or players around my level to occupy myself. Mostly to find people to play with cuz I have no friends but I always ended up getting students that played whenever I did. Did the countless students stay dedicated? No. Out of like 10 I kept 2, one ended up becoming anakin skywalker to darth vader, and the other is getting better but moving at a slower pace, if id have to say they made any progress, then yea better than before. Theyre all obsessed with plat though.
  13. Im gonna be that guy and recommend one thats like robbie rotten from lazy town, would be fun to have a lich singing about his evil deeds whilst failing miserably.
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