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  1. (XB1)Lwyu

    Warframe idea:Battle royal

    keep your filthy fortnite off our home.
  2. Incorrect, playing solo IS a solution in your case. This game is also quite spacious so you arent limited to one space and I also gave you other options. The lasers arent weaker compared to most but if you stood in a normal laser depending on your builds or warframe youll die in seconds. Its to up the thrill and dangers of the mission. Just because some guy trolled you doesnt give a valid reason to want something changed or removed. You barely have to do void defense and you have over 100,000 people playing.
  3. Like all lasers in warframe that arent mobile weapons that we use, they harm you. Its not hard to dodge them or avoid them in anyway. If the only area your going to is infront of those laser or in the circle of the defense point your practically asking for it. Yes its a troll if its a big issue report the player or simply get back at him. The laser also has to recharge, simply use them yourself when no ones in front of it and then use that time its recharging to do what you want. Or ... as usual.. play solo.
  4. (XB1)Lwyu

    On Equinox Prime

    Yeah I get that, but shes not and people dont understand its not their choice at all. Its far been chosen by the creator that the warframe is 100% female.
  5. (XB1)Lwyu

    Rework warframes

    They do need to rework a few frames, thankfully titania is one of them that theyre working on cuz shes damn near useless. As for zephyr they already reworked her but she might need another one. Shes still strong crowd control wise which is prob what they went for.
  6. (XB1)Lwyu

    Stalker Helmet

    I kinda want it too but I also want it to either be unavailable to keep the uniqueness of Stalker and his apprentices like my baby Angst or make it only for excalibur in his own version. Tbh stalker needs some more love gear and look wise.
  7. (XB1)Lwyu

    On Equinox Prime

    Lemme make this simple for everyone. Equinox = female, so those who still try to find a way to make it sound its logical that she isnt or in anyway attempt to legit reason that shes a half male, silence. The developers themselves say shes a female. Its 2019 and just because she has a more masculine side shes a guy? Please. If her prime does end up being different and has nine parts, you either farm, or buy her to avoid the work. All done.
  8. You made my favorite female warframe have such a plus on her already lewd figure, 10/10. That katana skin is pure genius and will make people want to use the katanas once more over zaws for once. Can you give us more color examples for her skin?
  9. (XB1)Lwyu

    Operator Interaction Idea

    Honestly not only is this the first good idea in a while, its an amazing one overall. This would bring a whole new aspect to the games multiplayer mode. It would be refreshing too see my tenno talking to my fellow teammates with new dialogue and itll be something that keeps me occupied. I can imagine it now: - Player leaves squad on wave 25 - Tenno1: Farewell comrade Tenno2: Aw they were pretty fun or even a cute little argument on interceptions between the tenno if someone doesnt protect C. It would be so nice being able to see my tenno switch from her to my squad mates tennos for them to reply using the dialogue box or whatever lotus and all the npcs talk through. This idea oozes originality and I give it a hundred yes votes. DE make this happen. I'll tell my friends to pitch in on this idea.
  10. (XB1)Lwyu

    Saw this Atlas Deluxe Concept

    Still no neck.. hm..
  11. (XB1)Lwyu

    Equinox Prime Request

    Shes a she. Nothing more nothing less. She has NO male form, she has a masculine form or tomboyish form.
  12. (XB1)Lwyu

    Strange roaring orb next to orokin dig site.

    I saw that thing and my response was "nope"
  13. (XB1)Lwyu

    Weapons you hope to get primed next

    Exactly and all everyone keeps asking for are more recent or common types of weapons it sucks lmao, the community is forgetting all the OG weapons , Heat dagger prime anyone? lolol.
  14. Your in the wrong game fortnite is to the LEFT.
  15. (XB1)Lwyu

    What’s a good Prime Warframe to farm?

    Nova prime has a strong arsenal, shes squishy but shes really useful for anything really. I do recommend farming her overall. Mag Prime is one of my favorites because shes just friggin strong, her polarize wipes enemies out easily and her magnetize can easily focus targets. Mesa Prime is the most recent prime warframe, so youll see a lot of people farming for her which means you wont need to find groups theyll find their way to you. Shes hella powerful so you definitely want her in your selections. Oberon and Limbo are perfect for starters because oberon and Limbo dont die as much, especially Limbo he can hide forever incase youre afraid of dealing with high level enemies.