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  1. Is there an atmosphere gun that destroys corpses? I don't know exactly what's going on, but I was killing enemies with Banshee and redeemer, cleared all the foes near my platform, then out of the blue it just says I'm detected and I fail and the only dude on my radar is like 75m away
  2. Equipped a primary weapon with Amalgam Serration (max rank) Equipped Wisp In Upgrade screen for Wisp, Sprint Speed is showing unmodified 1.5 speed. Also does not seem to be affecting movement ig. Please delete - this was posted in error.
  3. Has anyone heard what's going to happen to our existing archwings when Modular archwings come out? I would like to know for two reasons: 1) I've invested a lot of time, energy, and resources into ranking up the archwings I've got and I would be bummed if I lost all that, and 2) I have a couple of archwings (Elytron and Odonata Prime) that just hit rank 30, and I don't; want to burn Orokin Reactors on something that will shortly be removed from the game, but I also can't really use an un-upgraded Archwing effectively in the Veil missions. Anyone have any info?
  4. Confirmed, this issue is happening with me as well. When bug fix goes in, please consider adding the cloud stats to the UI like what we recently got for ogris et al. Might as well check torid and pox; probably have same issue.
  5. In fact it seems like maybe the other elemental statuses are only triggering on direct hits with my bow, not on clouds at all.
  6. Testing with: Mutalist Cernos (base status 49% on hit and cloud) Rime Rounds (60/60) Thermite Rounds (60/60) Modded status chance = 100% Wiki states: "Each tick from the cloud has a chance to proc Toxin as well as any modded elemental status effect, with each stack displayed separately to the cloud's larger primary damage ticks." So each tick should proc both Toxin and Blast. In reality I am seeing lots of toxin procs, rare blast procs, and some numbers without procs (which I assume are the toxin DOT).
  7. I didn't see that devstream, but if they made that commitment then your critique is certainly valid and they should provide an explanation for their shift in course. Dropping ephemera pieces would align more closely with that promise.
  8. Well, arguably there's a puzzle to the murmurs though I agree it's a little too rng for my tastes (there aught to be some way to sleuth out the three mods imo). At the very least you should get some feedback if you guess a correct word in the wrong location like every other peg/pattern game. Pretty sure the Kuva kraken is decent. Honestly though WF suffers from power creep, and introducing new weapons that aren't better than existing weapons will inevitably disappoint.
  9. As I noted to Monkey, I wouldn't have agreed with the effort to censor him. All of my statements have referred to his comment about non-participants - *HIS* examples were non-participants. Maybe my analogy seems flawed to you because you didn't bother to read it. Addendum: it is somewhat apropos that you just accused me of making a flawed analogy that *someone else presented* given that I am arguing against the usefulness of opinions presented in ignorance. Read the words if you want people to take your criticism seriously.
  10. It wasn't clear that the main question, in your opinion, was your question and not the general question posed in this thread. I wouldn't say that a person that has killed one Lich is necessarily uninformed. Someone that has killed maybe five, or ten, or a hundred would more likely have a better understanding of certain mechanical concepts, maybe have overcome challenges that a single-lich-killer didn't stick around long enough to master, etc but I personally wouldn't discount offhand the opinion of someone that killed a Lich and wanted to talk about what they liked or didn't like about the process. My argument with Monkey was directly tied to his statements that an observer (a non-paticipant) can make educated critiques of a system in which they have not participated. His examples (motor sports and a sprint) both involved non-participants, not amateur participants.
  11. Pardon, I was addressing a side concern in this thread - I don't think it makes sense to advocate for people to make more uninformed contributions to discussions, or at least not to suggest that uninformed opinions should hold equal weight. Experience is not meaningless. My opinion on the Kuva Lich system in general was stated alongside this one, in a different comment. To summarize I personally think the system is enjoyable and rewarding, generally speaking, but will likely prove less fun for people that either want the rewards quickly or want to get all of them (also in short order). I like the new weapons, I find the Liches can add some fun challenge when they are rank five and I encounter them while levelling my gear, and I like having Lich-influenced missions because they drop more affinity (nice for ranking warframes especially). I don't begrudge people for skipping the content of they don't enjoy it, but I think some.od the complaints ignore the pros of the new content while attacking relatively minute or subjective issues (like auto-deaths in a game that barely penalizes us for dying).
  12. Glad we found consensus, about the counterproductiveness of censorship if not the fun/boringness of Kuva Liches. 🙂
  13. How do you take a quote out of context to validate an opinion I thoroughly lambasted? It's almost like you don't care at all if your statements make any sense. But feel free to quote me as saying "your statements make [...] sense". To be fair, I wouldn't have said you can't comment without playing it. Whoever said that was unnecessarily obstructive to discourse, imo. But you seem proud of your eagerness to remain uninformed and still make empassioned critical comments and I just don't see why that is a thing that makes sense to you.
  14. I'm not clear if you didn't understand my point or are being intentionally obtuse. Dangerous is a subjective term. Crossing a street is dangerous. Without comparison the term is meaningless. You aren't wrong because you call motor sports dangerous without trying them, you are wrong to judge hold strong opinions about things you do not understand. You are welcome to continue doing so, but if people casually disregard your uninformed opinions you probably shouldn't get upset about it.
  15. Inexperience lends itself to poor assessments. Motor racing may *seem* more dangerous than it is to a casual observer, and sprint races might be exhilarating as well as exhausting but someone on the sidelines likely wouldn't really understand. Of course we can complain about things that seem off-putting to us without a thorough understanding, but it behooves us to acknowledge we may be doing so in ignorance.
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