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  1. Just completed Steel Path. It was decent. Smooth sailing most of the way through, but a few bosses were a bit of a challenge (particularly solo) and a handful of times I had to give it a second go. I even had to design and deploy specters for the first time since I started playing Warframe, which was nice. Ayatan Path (+200 levels) soon? I'd like to reiterate that some more deadliness would be nice. I'd personally like to see more and deadlier status procs, maybe even faction specific so we'd need to gear differently for each planet (and maybe some of those elemental defense mods would serve some purpose after all). Addendum - for what it's worth, my motivation was completionism. I haven't even opened the Steel Essence store, and have no idea how many I've collected. Addendum to addendum - I checked, and it's 50 steel essences for one full star chart completion of Steel Path (no farming).
  2. Pardon, I meant to write that many Warframe *players* are likely teenagers.
  3. It's also worth noting that having pronounced mammary glands is just a female anatomy thing. The sexualization of womens' breasts is just a cultural trope. Its also probably worth noting that many Warframe are likely teenagers, and it is perfectly appropriate for them to play around with the sexuality of their teenage avatars. Those of us that are adults can just not engage, in the same way teachers in a high school don't have to get involved in how the high schoolers explore their sexuality with one another. Just some thoughts. I don't personally care how people dress their operators - the only reason I'm likely to pick up the new armor is that I don't already have it, and completionism is the itch that I can never quite scratch away.
  4. I suggest you allow players to do Void Relic missions along the Steel Path. While the Steel Essence drops are not frequent enough to warrant playing exclusively Steel Path generic missions, they would be a nice bonus to Void missions that would justify taking on the extra 100 levels of challenge. As it stands, after people complete the path for MR you likely won't see anyone choosing to do a LVL 115 mission in lieu of a LVL 15 mission lets them crack a relic for void parts. Just a thought.
  5. My controller is set to Fire Weapon (in General) on Right Bumper button. This works fine most of the time, but in Archwing it opens the Ability Menu. This might be because my Railjack right bumper setting is the Ability Menu, but nearly that entire setting menu (Railjack) is empty and most of the buttons use the General settings while I am in Archwing.
  6. Please consider making it harder. To be fair I've only cleared earth and a couple of missions on Lua, but so far none of it has been challenging for any frame I've used. I'm MR29 with a fair bit of experience so my perspective may not match the average player, but some of us at least would like some content that keeps us on our toes. Maybe a big boost enemy status chance? It would be interesting if we had to worry about what hit us, requiring us to occasionally swap frames or defensive mods for a mission with some tactical challenges.
  7. Does anyone have a hard time cracking relics for prime parts now? If hard mode is anything like the test server a prime BP worth a couple of ducats is hardly going to be a game-breaking reward - you'd easily be able to run half a dozen lith extractions in the same time.
  8. Just a thought, maybe consider putting the prime blueprints in the drop tables of the same content where the normal frame components drop, but on the hard mode tier. Lorewise I think it makes sense that someone found the prime blueprints, couldn't build it because the parts were lost (in relics), then started designing a knock-off. In hard mode we could recover the prime BP, then we'd still have to go after relics for the parts. I just think it would be nice to have some overlap in acquisition between the prime frames and their non-prime variants.
  9. To be fair, my analogy was a bit weak. Warframe is not really a corollary for a lunch (one is free and supported by microtransactions, the other requires pay-per-use). That said, I didn't say I was a person that eats hamburgers in general, I said that I was a person *eating a hamburger right now*, in the restaurant, and the advertiser is bringing me a screen to show me a video of the hamburger I am eating. It isn't a perfect metaphor, but if you are arguing that the advertisements are still useful for people that are not currently active players then I don't see your beef with my feedback. I am specifically referring to the subset of advertisees that *are* active players, and the debatable value of spending resources advertising to them/us. As I noted, it may not be possible to selectively remove active users from the advertisement campaign, so the point may be moot. My only point in providing this feedback is to let DE know that there appears to be a number of ads being directed at people that are already actively (currently) consuming their product. If they think this is a valuable use of their advertisement dollars that's totally up to them.
  10. To clarify, I am not arguing that advertisements in general are a waste. Just that the ones being directed at the existing Warframe players might not be a fruitful expenditure for DE, and they might want to consider how much of their ad expenditures are being burned on that demographic.
  11. If that is what they want I suppose that is their prerogative. I personally wouldn't want to swarm my existing clients with advertisements about the game they are already playing, but as you say they may have other high priority goals.
  12. Thanks pal, I'll see if I can track down and add those extra dlls. ...SUCCESS!! I just created four copies and renamed the five files: • xinput1_4.dll • xinput1_3.dll • xinput1_2.dll • xinput1_1.dll • xinput9_1_0.dll Not sure which one worked, but it's working. Thanks pal!
  13. It may be that you have more direct knowledge about what kind of user data Youtube has access to, and what kind of selections or bundles they offer to clients. This isn't my field of expertise, and if there's nothing DE can do about it (or even if they don't want to change anything) that's fine. When I started to get ads I mostly just ignored them. I decided to send feedback to DE only when other people in other WF communities voiced similar experiences, and then I thought maybe DE would want to know where their ad dollars are being spent.
  14. That's really good advice, thank you. They definitely successfully trolled me. 🙂
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