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  1. Thanks for letting me know. MR 30, still learning new stuff. :)
  2. Edit: WAD. Ignore this post. Playing Sevagoth in Hydron Nightmare (Vampire) Summoned a Spectre (1 star, Wisp) - my Sentinel (Helios Prime) killed him. Red beam directly from my sentinel, killed my own spectre. Repeated two more times.
  3. I believe they need to also be near you, or at least on the same floor. Our solution was putting the trade interface in the main spawning chamber.
  4. Something is off with the SCANS for Axio Weaver. I'm sitting at 4/5, and have scanned many Axio Weaver ships with both Codex Scanner and Melee autoscan to no avail. Since I've already gotten four I'm assuming something else is registering as an Axio Weaver. Please look into it - this is my last Axio ship to complete my scans.
  5. I have a PS4 controller that I connect to my PC via bluetooth. When I load up Warframe, controller commands seem to have no effect (no button triggers a response, and analog sticks do nothing). The device connects to the PC without issues, responds normally during system tests (Control Panel | Game Controllers | Wireless Controller | Properties), and works fine with other games (e.g. Genshin Impact). The device also worked the first time I loaded up Warframe with it connected, but has not worked since. I do not use the Steam version of Warframe, and I have the Overlay disabled on m
  6. Eyes look better in BEFORE image imo. Clearer, sharper. That said, I don't think it'll matter to me either way so glad you found a way to reduce overall file size.
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