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  1. Irmdall

    Regarding the Prime Noggles

    For 50$ you'll already get what you paid for. Choosing thr 150$ Pack is kinda overwhelming to pay and you'll get a little "extra". Just look at some other offerings, "buy 75p for 4,49€" or choose "170 +20BONUS for 8,99€". It's just fair that when you choose to pay a larger amount at one time you'll get a little extra.
  2. Irmdall

    Excalibur Prime - Skin Visual Update

    Won't happen. Endless discussions have been written, de-railed and finally closed. Making another "flashy Excalibur cosmetic for Founders" just will start another beg-storm from non-founders. They won't make any changes to all Fouder exclusive things. Excalibur Prime and his items are bound to the Founders, we got what we paid for to help DE and Warframe in a difficult time. Only solution to get a "visual upgrade" for Posterboy Prime, is to create a new "alternative" skin, exclusive for Excalibur Prime and therefore only for Founders. This on the other hand just will create another sh*tstorm. Just use the search function on the forums and read the other, thousands, threads about the Founder-Topic Summoning @Letter13
  3. Irmdall

    Are simple Macros acceptable?

    As far as i know simple 1-Button Marcos are ok, but Marcos which will automate a complete action like crouch slideattack are a reason to get banned, but just to make sure maybe contact support and ask them nicely, they will surely give you the correct answer.
  4. Irmdall

    What Frame should get a second deluxe skin?

    How about Excalibur? He still has no "Deluxe skin", only a Proto-Skin which Nyx also has (Nemesis) and she's getting one. Dex-Excalibur doesn't count since it's timegated and only obtainable in a certain time of the year...
  5. Irmdall

    My Sugestions for a Nyx Update/Tweak

    Nyx definitely needs a overhaul of her first and second skills. Her third ability is completely ok with the augment. Her Fourth ability might either need a buff or should also get a revision
  6. Irmdall

    24 hour CD for pass

    Definitely against it, because it advocates fast twink creation and I think DE wants you to spend time with the game.
  7. Certainly not in the near future. Only possible when Console Version is synced with PC Version and even then, Consoles (Playstation, Xbox) need to allow that, i think.
  8. Irmdall

    Zenith Alt Fire visual bug

    Eh gonna try that later at home, thx ^^
  9. Irmdall

    Things that should be fixed/reworked/removed

    Either you have patience and farm for plat / trade for it or you buy it. Tell me a F2P game that works with your "vision" of a F2P that does as well as Warframe. I'll wait
  10. Irmdall

    Problem with Purchase

    Disable Plugins, clear browser cache, try unsing another browser. 403 is something client-side
  11. Irmdall

    Zenith Alt Fire visual bug

    Can confirm this, idk how to upload a screenshot from the switch to pc...
  12. Irmdall

    Negative platinum balance

    No one can tell you the time they need to answer, but i 'm sure they will answer you. It depends on how much they have to do.
  13. Irmdall

    Reminder: Monday Aug 1 Holiday

    if you use a Skin for him, yes, not only for Volt.
  14. Irmdall


    Info-Text von der Lex Prime "mächte"