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  1. One thing that should be added is : ennemies pulled that fall in the Magnetize Bubble should be stuck in it.
  2. I Don't know if it has been mentionned or acknowledged but Nezha is still breaking the combos, it's almost impossible to use any melee weapon with him, which is sad because it was my main and i left him because of this.
  3. If i leave because some guy left, that means I never really enjoyed the game.
  4. I tried with ReaperP, GramP, Korrudo and Mios and here's what i can conclude : either the pause combo breaks or the window to continue is really small. Also, it's almost inexistant slower the weapon is.
  5. Bonjour, est-ce que vous acceptez les Québécois/Canadiens ? Dans le doute : -Pseudo InGame : Forgeron.2374 - Palier : 15 (bientôt 16) - Âge : 19 - Moyens vocaux : Discord - Pourquoi je recherche un clan ? : Parce que pour des raisons spéciales, notre clan s'est éteint et malgré mon introversion, j'aime pas trop ça être seul et il y a plus d'avantages à être dans un clan que seul.
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