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  1. 1tb on D and 200gb on E, both my RAM and harddrive are okay, im only using the built in antivirus from windows 10 but when i try to allow the program thru firewall (after i re-install it) my warframe.exe is missing,so i dunno
  2. At last, a decent help Thanks mate u'r probably right, i never thought about this thing be4
  3. FOR THE 4TH TIME! NOT BEING RUDE BUT THIS PROBLEM'S KILLING ME LOVE THIS GAME BUT THIS IS ANNOYING, DE FIX IT MAN COME ON..... the first time solved by changing the language and do some tweaking 2nd and 3rd time solved by allowing the program thru firewall BUT THIS TIME the 4th time even some (with all due respect) "ADVICE" from [DE] is not working restart my PC,steam and internet ? FAIL allow programs thru firewall ? FAIL check the VPN and Proxy from Whatsmyip.com ? FAIL changing the language and some tweaking ? FAIL RE-INSTALLING ? FAIL come on, im tired with this please help anyone 🙂
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