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  1. Well, important note! I'm playing in Russian version of warframe. I have a Dojo WITHOUT the observatory. My "СУХОЙ ДОК" was building and there were about 11 hours for completion. So, I was in a squad with my friend and I have entered my Dojo. Then my friend left the squad and then I noticed button "АРСЕНАЛ". I pushed it... And I had been teleported to the Railjack when the Dock was not ready at all. Everything was blue... But railjack was real and I could walk. Then I went on a Railjack mission and I saw the cutscene... Later I saw the an inscription – WARFRAME: Empyrean. My ship was exiting the BLUE dock. Nevertheless, we could launch missions "Free Flight" and another one with the battle against AI. We could have taken whole reward for "Mission Complete" but we have rejected that. After that in the main map I saw an icon with an ability to enter the Railjack missions. I had not this button earlier. Moreover, if I launch Railjack mission in "Solo" mode ONLINE PLAYERS are connecting to me too! Then I was afraid of it and pushed "Alt + F4"... After approximately 9 hours my Dock was completed. Railjack icon on the main map disappeared. Sorry, I have not any helpful screenshots... Fortunately, I could record this "event" and create the video... There is a bad language in this video and it is quite laggy... Sorry for that too 😉. P.S. I think I could enter my nonexistent Railjack because game was thinking that I was entering my friend's Railjack...
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