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  1. I second the idea of Equinox to be increased her ability synergy with form-change.
  2. Grendel... too much a hassle for me to farm. Plus a lot of content creators/people saying its "a S#&$ty frame". I hv to say its kits are fun, but the fact that it needed enemies to fuel the abilities doesn't work well when he's paired with other DPS frames. Lavos, I enjoyed playing but I do feel that the kit needs some buff in terms of range/strength/synergy. Ophidian Bite for me is quite a weak ability... for an alchemist to throw their kit towards a specific enemy is so ineffective. Vial Rush had some delay in its AOE which is quite frustrating and we can't really have th
  3. Its not that I'm saying all the frames should be perfect; but they need to have some roles since the game is mostly multi-player and having different objectives/missions and how it interacts with the missions - whether they are very engaging, useful or even enjoyable. Thus, feel free to disagree, For Loki, yeah I thought of that one too, Somewhat it should be similar to Octavia Roller.
  4. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Veteran Railjack player, testing and checking at Free Flight. Heading to Kronia Relay to arm myself. VISUAL: - REPRODUCTION: Loading screen upon return. EXPECTED RESULT: Should've loaded to drydock around 2-3 minutes load. OBSERVED RESULT: Endless loading wait as old Railjack bug. REPRODUCTION RATE: For now, once. Had happened during Empyrean update though, when returning to Dojo.
  5. Zephyr. - I think she became like Ember before rework. Fun in Open Worlds but the abilities to me need reworks. Along with her augments. I heard her Deluxe skin was even... Forgotten. Revenant. - He's fun but he needs more augments to play with. Its quite a shame that he's been around for almost 2 years but has no much augments and not even different skins. Atlas. - Strong, but somehow abilities aren't that useful in a lot of missions. Probably needs rework on abilities. Hydroid. - The only thing that I know Hydroid is for his 4th ability + Pilfering Swarm. Yea some other abili
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