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  1. Hello, I've been following and buying Prime Vaults in the past and planning to buy another one for the Valkyr and Saryn set. However I noticed the price of the Prime Vault has increased. In our currency, I bought the last 2 Vaults with MYR 95.00 for each vault. The vault this time price has changed to MYR 108.00. Is there some mistake or the price of the vault is increased? ☹️ Thank you.
  2. Hello DE team, First of all, congratulations and good job for organizing TennoCon 2019 😆🎉!! Can't wait to see Gauss's abilities, though we could see one during the reveal for Railjack. (or is it?..) Well I do have some questions/requests/suggestions/prolly nags: 1) Is it necessary that the Railjack is built within Clans? I know Steve said about making connection but not all clans are.. very well active or big enough. I'd think it be even better if you prepare some kind of relay similar to clan, which is especially for Railjack (a hub or workshop if you may say so) and instead people recruit railjack mission through Recruit Chat, what about you make some kind of Billboard (somewhat like open world bounties) for people who want to hunt certain items/artifacts/components for Railjack. 2) Ivara's Prowl is cancelled when performing bullet jump, a bug or.. nerf? I was able to play Ivara before that happened and Prowl ability didn't break/cancel. Yes, she has that Zipline Arrrow to go to a higher platform (on the other side) but its kinda ANNOYING to keep pressing space or recasts Prowl when you're in the vents. Could you guys please bring back that? 3) Melee. i have some things to say regarding this: - Aim glide: we are using melee and we aim glide, its changed to equipped Primary or Secondary weapons. Can't we just block during aim glide if we're using melee? - Chanelling mods: literally has no use as I noticed Chanelling are removed? Or am I missing an announcement or somekind of tutorial for that? - Fist weapons: Not to be rude, it is the weapon I would not use in game as main melee no matter what (WHERE IS FIST ZAW?!). I think this needs some improvements because.. since we're space ninjas, it would be awesome if Fist weapon has a unique feature of itself. Its a fist weapon, you can't very well block (unless its a whole-arm/full calf plating) attacks. It would be awesome if you add Dodge (with its mods/chance of course) feature for this weapon alone since the speed is faster than other melee (correct me if I'm wrong), and maybe auto aim like archmelee? I would kinda like fighting old school style sometimes, you know? 4) More. Pets. Cats and Dogs are cute (in our case Kavats and Kubrows, can still be improved), robots (MOAs) are awesome (with enough Fortuna standing of course, and I think could be improved more as well), but I think its more awesome if u would add *drumroll cue* a cross breeder NPC for the captured animals (insert Poke**n gameplay here)! .. Though we have Teasonai and Biz asking us to capture the animals (hint for role extension). Well, I really do want a flying pet next, perhaps a flying dragon (hint for Chroma mini companion), or flying bird, or a flying of robot-bird (hint for customized Ospreys bots/sentinel), or a flying hybrid of bird-infested or cyborg bird or bird-sentient? 5) Fortuna. Love the setting but HATE THE BRIGHT WHITE SNOW striking/poking my eyes sometimes. And, if you could, increase a bit for rare gem acquisition? I guess thats all before I start to talk nonsense (heh). Stay awesome and love you guys!
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