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  1. sorry i don't have a screenshot. i was in a lich sabotage mission (Saturn -galypso) and we had a thrall as the coolant thingy (the stand where you extract 1 of the 2 coolants (this one specifically was the one you need to jump and don't fall, sorry for vague description)) thanks for all the great work ! and have a great weekend ! ^^
  2. after finishing a lich mission game freezes completely when accessing parazon mods or my lich page just finished a lich mission (played for 1hour+) (on the mission my lich leveled to 5 and i revealed the 3rd mod) link to a clip of the bug: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hk6iqGy96mY (ignore stream in the background please) a clip of the game freezes and the UI going well just going... great update despite the bug, great work DE hope it'll be fixed soon ^^
  3. theres a bug that makes my weapons deal the damage of my archweapons.. so when i have an unmodded archgear and a rivened zaw , i sometimes deal 8~100 damage to invaders..
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