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  1. Extraction waypoints not showing up isn't that rare of a bug—it happens fairly frequently in Void Fissure missions in public groups. (I haven't kept track, but I'd say about 1 in 10–15 missions?) The exit tile itself not loading is rare (I've never seen that one), but the waypoint just being completely missing is common.
  2. Breaking News: Zato Skin Emissive channels still broken in current update (27.2.2). yay
  3. I hope this bug will be fixed in the upcoming Warframe Revised stuff that's coming out—Empyrean update dropped 2 months ago now, and no word from DE on whether they even know this is a thing...
  4. The bug is simply a UI error with the warning coming up, but it's impossible to tell anymore if you actually do have the mod you're trading away equipped. The trade won't get duplicated, and your actual equipped mod won't be traded if you do trade an unequipped duplicate, but you can't tell what the thing you're actually trading away is. Which means it's a really evil bug. Surely someone else has reported it by now, since it's by no means a new error. Been around for a month or more iirc
  5. Trading any copy of a mod you have equipped will make the "You currently have this mod equipped! Are you sure you want to trade it?" screen pop up, even if that copy of the mod isn't equipped on anything. (It'll actually pop up twice if you have more than one duplicate of the mod in your inventory.) This isn't just a Switch bug, because it happened to Rebb on PC in a recent Devstream or something (she got confused and said "I thought I didn't have that equipped..."—if someone knows the clip post it here!). Don't know if it was fixed in the Warframe Revised update on PC.
  6. Linking a Riven mod (veiled or unveiled) in Chat results in any other thing you've previously linked in that post un-viewable (square brackets still show up, but no blue link to the item). Things linked after the Riven mod still work.
  7. Item blueprints are incorrectly MR locked when trying to trade. Someone I was trading with was MR16 and couldn't receive a whole bunch of blueprints they should've been able to receive (Silva & Aegis Prime/Supra Vandal/Vectis Prime/Tigris Prime/Imperator Vandal etc). Inviting players for trading has been broken for some time now, and if you can't even trade Bps properly, then what's the point of even trying... DE plz fix!
  8. Casting a one-handed ability during a reload sometimes pauses the reload circle on the aiming reticle. This is indistinguishable from the reload being paused by performing a two-handed action, even though the full reload actually completes—the reload UI just doesn't show it. (Noticed with Excal's Radial Howl; not sure if any other ability does this)
  9. Sometimes the bar beneath your icon/name in the upper-lefthand corner for Mastery progress bugs out and displays a much lower amount than you actually have. If you go into Settings > Profile, usually the correct MR progress is listed there.
  10. Sometimes, when the game starts to lag (usually not as host), ammo pickups are heavily delayed and the ammo drops fly around after your Warframe. However, this is sometimes accompanied with an incredibly loud repeated ammo pickup sound. (This was noticed using the Kuva Bramma with Vigilante Supplies at 14 ammo (one short of max); lasted about 15 seconds until the ammo pickups finally registered.)
  11. In Grineer vs Corpus Invasions, when a troop from the allied faction gets to low health, it is possible for the Mercy icon (red Parazon-looking thing) to appear over their head. No button-prompt/text comes up, and you are not able to actually Mercy them, but it does make you feel silly for spamming the Interact button for a few seconds upon seeing it.
  12. Just tested this out again in the Simulacrum—Emissive colour channels do absolutely nothing on the Zato Skin. Did no one at DE actually test what the skin looked like on Switch before shipping it? Kinda false advertising to show pretty pictures on their website and have a 200-odd plat cosmetic be broken for well over a month.....
  13. Just got the skin—from playing around with colour channels in the orbiter, I can't seem to see any effect Emissive has on anything. The beads on the waist & the mask don't change no matter what Emissive colour I pick. I certainly can't get it to look like the promotional image they showed off when it launched with Railjack... DE plz fix!
  14. Multiple times now since the Empyrean update I've tried to invite someone either from my Orbiter or my Dojo for a trade, and they "fail to join my session". It doesn't matter who invites who, or from where. When one of us restarts Warframe, it usually works (but not always). Pretty annoying when trying to do multiple trades!
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