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  1. As it says, my (Moonless pattern) kavat's fashion frame is not being correctly applied - the accents always reset to yellow, even though the interface shows them as being a different colour. Also, why can't I embed an Imgur image as evidence? Clicking the 'Insert into post' button just makes the URL field go red. https://imgur.com/a/KYOnzKO
  2. So, with Cetus bounties, I keep failing bonus objectives because the game isn't counting them until 20 seconds after the main objective is complete or something. For example, assassinating a commander, with the bonus being 'don't kill any other enemies' - I kill the commander without killing anything else then, ten seconds after that, my kavat kills something and I fail the bonus because it takes Cetus bounties 20 seconds to register. Also failed a 'keep the defence objective above 75% health', even though it still had full health when the timer hit 0. And with Vallis, Rescue objectives - one, I had the bounty fail completely the moment I hacked the prison (there was at least 3 minutes on the clock). In a second, during the defending the prison phase, no data keys spawned at all - enemies were spawning, including Jailers, but there was no UI marker on them and they failed to drop keys when killed. A third time, the data keys were spawning, but the units weren't moving from their spawn locations at all.
  3. Fewer acts also means fewer options to play the way we want to (one of your stated goals for Nightwave) and, since you've managed to front-load Series 2 with some of the worst acts (gild, forma, day trader), skipping them therefore hurts your progression proportionally even more. Not everybody has equipment they want to waste forma on just for the sake of using them and not everybody has the time to rank up a brand new modular item they may not want/need all the way to 30 just for the sake of gilding it. And the Index is just tedious.
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