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  1. To this day, i still haven't figured out exactly what this Melee Rework should do. I guess it is to move the Meta from "Scoliac + Spin-to-Win" to a broader range, also I'm totally fine with "rebalancing" Maiming Strike, I really welcome it. Sure now theres a lot of Weapon Diversity, nearly every Melee is suitable for Starchart/Sortie/Lich Rank5 Missions. But beyond? The "rebalancing" of Blood Rush and especially Condition Overload makes it nearly impossible to do Defense-, Disruption- and Survival Long Runs since we need the Power Creep to handle the Armor- and Life Scaling. Especially Disruption where you need Tons of Power for the Demolysts. . Some Suggestions: Make Combo-Counter stack a bit slower, but again endless, for that it will hurt again to die and loose Combo Counter, while making Heavy Attacks consume a (moddable) amount of Combo-Hits instead of consuming ALL Make Condition Overlord multiplicatively stacking again. Make Bloodrush be affected by the modded Critchance. Maybe completely remove Maiming Strike and all form of Slidecrit from the Game, because was really scaling off the Horizon. And , personally, I dont like it anyway. (yeah hate me for that, other players.. scoliac? atterax? yummy 3k mastery ^^) Range. It is ridiculous that a Heat Dagger has 1.75m Range whereas a Polearm far bigger than a Warframe has "just" 3m Range, and that this is extendled by Flat 3m with Primed Reach. Its 4.75m with a Dagger that is merely an Arm-length long. Sure you can argue, with an Arm 1m long, a .5m long Dagger can reach a target 1.5m away. But then this should also count towards a 3m long Polearm so it can reach a target 4m away. I read somewhere that You dont want Players to do Long Runs. Then why you give the Opportunity to do so, even encourage it with bringing a new endless Mode aka Disruption few Months ago? DE if you really dont want Players to do Long Runs, please communicate it directly, cap the Level Scaling to whatever we can encounter in Simulacrum (we still can fight on then, only the complete broken armor scaling gets hidden, so not every new/reworked Frame needs a dmg Resistance Meter, Armor stripping Ability and Nuke/Crowdcontrol capability), or just force us to leave the mission. All in All i have mixed but tending to the bad feelings about this Update. Yes I appreciate the Diversity and that my Prisma Skana can shred now, but on the other Hand I really miss the Opportunity to kill high-level Enemies fast and do stupid amounts of Damage. It feels not right.
  2. I recommend having a look on the Wiki page for the Liches. The additional Element of the Weapon is determined by the Frame you used when you killed the Larvling. All the other Stats e.g. like Crit Chance or Reload Speed etc are the same for each Variant of a specific Kuva Weapon. You can also see the Stats if you link the Kuva Weapon in Chat like [Kuva Ogris] or [Kuva Seer]. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Kuva_Lich#Kuva_Weapons
  3. Same here. While being in Solo Mode it works, but i assume its due to being Host as OP just stated. Please fix this, we really enjoy our Glyphs! :)
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