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  1. you loose your bonus then. purely unsatisfying event imho. to op: +1
  2. Hi DE, after waiting for ~30 minutes in a Murex Mission and only receiving 1 Code, we decided to abort the Mission. This is unbalanced, and has imho more reasons. People see "oh, we get more points for doing Murex than Condrix in the same time" so everyone goes to Space. Sure, It is difficult for most players to do damage to the Condrix after wave ~7-9. Well, in an efficient way. When in a coordinated Team, we do the cap of 17 Condrix in ~30 min. Sure you can say, then go do Ground missions, but there are more aspects than doing only ground missions, because the majority of the community isn't capable of doing it efficient. We'd also support the "laziness" of other people then (getting more points in Railjack than on earth in the same time they are capable to run). We cant link up with a specific Ground-Team, so calling it Squad-Link is a blank lie. Being dependant on a random group is extremely uncomfortable, as our intention as clan-coordinated team was to do the Event as efficient as possible and to earn the Murex Emblem in this specific case. To get Points for the Profile. To get Credits for the Rewards. To play the Game itself. But in this manner as it is right now, e.g. working for the Murex Emblems, is pure unsatisfying. My Suggestions are to either bring a real Squad Link where you can choose a whole Ground AND Space Team, or disconnect the mechanics from another, e.g. you can receive Codes also when noone is doing Ground missions. DE i hope you read and react to the whole flood of feedback.
  3. Arcane Energize: Either greatly reduce cooldown on Energize or greatly increase the energy it gives. And a bit more than 3/4 the chance of a double stacked, maybe 4/4. On top, i ever found the description very misleading. "To replenish" means "to fill" but not "to fill in parts". Imagine you point at your empty glass and ask the waiter in a restaurant to replenish the drink you have, and he just fills in a tiny sip of water instead of filling it.. you arent very happy are you?
  4. Please use a time capsule, go back before the update and just delete the idea of stagger instead of selfdamage. Its just ridiculous how you nerf a lot of weapons that dont needed to be nerfed i.e. ayanga didnt do too high dmg numbers, tonkor has high reload time and arcing, staticor rarely seen in pubic missions, tombfinger too. i still remember the outcry you caused when you added selfdamage to the Staticor. Noone used it after this change, until you went back. There are a lot more examples, but i'll keep it short. Now you either have to use an expensive Login-rewarded mod to mitigate these frustrating changes or be a Nezha/Nidus to ingore stagger as a status proc. Cautious Shot is a Meme. Roll back the changes and make this mod 100% (And i still havent taken Amps into cosideration). Or make Primed Sure Footed to apply to ALL aspects of the player, give it an own slot where just this mod can be applied to and make it cost 0 points. And give it as a Login reward on day 1. So everyone can just completely ignore this horrible change you made. Honestly this is all in all a very baaad change you made here. Seems like you were too ambitious.
  5. Do we get an Archwing Setups finally saved in Loadouts? And do we get a comfortable solution for Animals/Incubator when switching between Loadouts?
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